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research papers e payment

research papers e payment

E-Payment System for Municipality. Give proper credits, use Citation. Abstract Local bodies are classified in to municipal co-operation, municipalities of different grades depending upon the population and income of the urban local body. Local bodies like municipalities needs to collect different kinds of information from citizens for applications like marriage, death, birth, ration card etc. By using this system which we can collect tax information from different authorities based on their house num and house owner name.

research papers e payment

Data are stored in databases and the user has a unique user-id and password. The user can login and check the data. All content is copyright protected. Paper PDF. View Full Paper Last.

Research Paper On E Cash Payment System

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Additionally, it seeks to investigate the awareness and acceptance of Near Field Communication NFC Technology as a preferred payment platform or method among online shoppers.

research papers e payment

This quantitative research is carried out via survey questionnaire on a sample size of respondents who have shopped online with majority residing in the Klang Valley. The findings indicate online shoppers still prefer to conduct their online shopping transactions using a desktop Personal Computer. Respondents, regardless of race and academic qualifications, use the English language medium when shopping online and majority prefer to shop at an individual e-commerce website rather than a single website comprising many e-commerce websites such as deals.

Awareness on NFC technology for payment solutions is still at the infancy stage among many online shoppers in Malaysia with a low acceptance level mainly due to security concerns. This finding has implications on the communications strategies of mobile network operators, banks, Android and Apple-device manufacturers, online retailers and other key players in the telecommunications and technology industry.

The latter need to play an active role in educating the public about NFC-enabled payment devices and convincing online shoppers on the security features of such professional essay writer toronto payment devices.

In other words, more than just touting the benefits of NFC and explaining the technology, the communications strategy of all relevant players must focus on persuading and convincing their target audience on the security features for diffusion and adoption of the technology online shoppers in Malaysia. Lim Hock Ann. Bitcoins from a Legal Perspective. Bitcoins are again very popular lately. However, they made a peak in late This article was written in December Hope it will help you have an idea with a legal focus.

Gains and Challenges. A Case dissertation competition marketing Indonesia. This study is conducted to analyze factors that influence the behavioural intention to use e-payment system on e-commerce in Indonesia.

The proposed model in this research combines behavioral theory of technology acceptance in terms of The proposed model in this research combines behavioral theory of technology acceptance in terms of behavioral beliefs, social influences, and personal innovativeness with the characteristics of an ideal payment system. The analysis result of respondents showed that Indonesian customers tend to only consider the advantages they gain when adopting e-payment and ignore the risks associated with the technology.

Concerning e-payment system characteristics, it was also proven that ease of use, privacy, trust, security, and convertibility influence directly and indirectly the intention to adopt e-payment. Electronic Payment System and Economic Growth: A review of transition to Cashless Economy in Nigeria.

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research papers e payment

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research papers e payment

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research papers e payment

Research papers e payment