service quality thesis

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Service Quality Thesis

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Thank you very much. I thank you not only because you provided me a good essay but also you are affordable and reliable. The regression results were thus. This c hapter presented the results of the study which were summarized in tables and. The next chapter of the study. This chapter presents the discussion, conclusion and recommendations of the study dissertation in diabetes. The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of ISO certification on.

The stud y was guided by the foll owing specific. This study adopted the descriptive research design. The researcher target ed outpatient customers for. The tar get population for the study was therefore 1, The researcher was able. The study adopted descriptive statistics to analyze the data, these. The inferential statistics adopted w ere correlation. The data was presented in tables, charts and figures and. The study findings showed that the most ranked dimension of effi ciency at Mater.

Hospital was the utilization of resources in providing service delivery. These findings. This means that the write my essay for me com reviews and.

In an e ffort to investigate the influence of ISO certification on efficiency, the study. These were privacy in consulti ng rooms, time to get served, record retrievals, adequate. The study found that the least ranked fa ctor was the time it took to get served at. Mater Hospital. This finding agrees with Turkson. Turkson concluded that providing cubicles or screens will ass ure patients of.

Patients are more likely to give important medical history information to. This implies that Mater. Hospital ranks poorly in decision-making time during consultations thereby reducing their. This finding corroborate. Norazah et al. The findings revealed that there was an improvement since I SO certification on the. These finding support Abdul Aziz et al. The findings also revealed that there was a positive improvement in records retrieval at.

This finding corroborate Zaramdini study on the motives and. This concluded that Implementation of the ISO. Further, health Institutions that have imple mented. ISO standard have benefitted from improved documentation. In regard to the inferential statistics the results show that there was a positive and. The correlation results. This finding was confirmed by running a.

ISO certification on the effi cien cy of service delivery in Mater Hospital.

service quality thesis

This finding supports Njenga stud y which found that ISO standard improves. Njenga concluded that there was improved. Similar studies. In regard to the level of general satisfaction with services at the mater Hospital, the results. However, the results. In terms of communication.

Wanjau et. The results show that patients somewhat agreed they received medical care worth their. Sun and. Shibo agree that the obj ective of ISO certification for h ealthcare service delivery is to.

In terms of the time spent with the doctors, the results show a poor ranking of this factor. This finding support Suki et al. These findings support Rouzbahani, Min and Soleimani study on the Studying the. The study conducted a correlation analysis between ISO c cheapest writing services only 7 and customer.

The results show. The researcher t hen confirmed. These findings support earlier studies on t he relationship. ISO requires. Psomas, Fotopoulos and Dimitrios, agree that. In order to measure the influence of ISO certification on service quality. The study found that the tangibles were rated poorly amon g the. This implies that the physical facilities at Mater Hospital were not appealing.

In regard to the reliability, the study findings showed that. These included providing. The study findings show that responsiveness was rated highly among the several factors. The study also showed that the doctoral thesis conference ance factor was highly rated after ISO certification at.

They confirmed. The study results show that empathy at Mater Hospital was rated highly. These factors. Th is implies that in terms of service quality, Mater Hospital score highly in regards to. These results validate Irfan and Ijaz study in Pakistan, which concluded. I fran and Ijaz found that this was more in terms of the responsiveness and.

Kumaraswamy concludes that perception on service quality factors in health care. The important discriminant service quality factors. Iran which conc luded that the highest expectations a nd perceptions were related to the. The researcher conducted a correlation analysis between ISO certification and service. The correlation results show that. The regression results service quality ISO Certification. According to v an den Heuvel et al. The study used several statements to measure effic ie ncy at Mater Hospital.

The most ranked dimension of effic ie nc y was the use of resources to. The study concludes that there is an effort to utilize both. The study concluded that the efficiency at the Mater Hospital has seen a.

The stud y concludes that the most significant. Homework help high school study adopted the patient satisfaction questionnaire short -form to measure customer.

This tool has been widely adopted to measure. The study concludes that there was overall. The study concludes that. The study concludes that this has a negative effec t on the. The stud y concludes that in regard to customer satisfaction and healthcare service.

However, the study concludes that there was general satisfaction with the. These conclusions suggest that patients. Hospital in comparison with ISO certification. The dim ensions included were tangibles 5. The study concludes that the most ranked dimension wa s empathy, this was. The study concludes that empath y and responsiveness were the most significant effects of.

ISO certification at Mater Hospital based on the study findin gs. Empath y ref ers to the. The study concludes that the highest expectations for service quality for patients at Mater. The outpatient service should be provided in an environment that encourages. The study recommends for management at Mater Hospital to improve on outpatient.

Service Quality thesis

This improvement should include to increase the number of attendants at. The study recommends that management of Mater Hospital should focus on improving. Management should mak e sure that they have up to date equipment to provide diagnostic. The study was limited to the relationship of ISO certification and efficiency, customer.

The study recommends for further. The study also suggests for further. Abdul Aziz, A. The Impact of. Journal of Business and Management, 4 3 Abu Naser, A.

C ustomer Expectations and. Agyepong, I. Health worker internal customer satisfaction and motivation in the. International Journal of Health Planning and. Management, 19 4 format research paper, Ahmed, R. Pakistan Business Review. Akacho, E.

service quality thesis

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Friesner, D. Are hospitals seasonally.

service quality thesis

Evidence from Washington State. Applied Economics, 40, Fullerton, S. Patient proactivity: Behaviours, attitudes, and its. Health Marketing Quarterly, 31 1 Gachie, T. K An evaluation of service quality in Kenya commercial banks. Gitman, L. The Fut ure of Business: The Essentials.

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The improving efficiency frontier o f religious not. Heldref Publications, Helmig, B. On the effi ciency of publi c, welfare and private. Health Services Management Research, 14, Herr A. Cost and technical efficienc y of German hospitals: Health Economics, 17 Hollingsworth, B.

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Madhya Pradesh, India: Katz, K. Prescription for the wait ing- in -line. Dissertation problem staement Management Review, 32 244 . Kimutai, G. Role of Top. Management Support in Health Workforce Performance: A Cross -Sectional. Survey in ISO Journal of Business and Management, 6 2 Kirigia, J. Measurement of technical. Technical efficiency of public clinics.

East Afr Med J. Korir, J. Unpublished Writing english essays online thesis. Kumaraswamy, S. Service Quality in Health Care Centres: An Empirical Study. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3 16 Ladhari, R. Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 1 2 Lee, K.

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Investigating health system performance: McLaughlin, C. Continuous quality improvement in health. Sudbury, MA: Mensah, P. Empirical Investigation of Service. Quality in Ghanaian Hospitals. European Journal of Business and Management, 6.

Momanyi, W. A survey of service quality management initiatives in the public. Unpublished MBA Research. Project, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. Mosadeghrad, A. The paper provides a detailed review of the principles of quality management and explains how these principles can be applied in the service delivery industry, to improve the operations and increase profit margins in the industry.

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service quality thesis

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service quality thesis

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service quality thesis

Service quality thesis