writing master thesis abroad

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writing master thesis abroad

Due to the high amount of effort required for the selection and contract process and local requirements, an internship abroad is only possible for a minimum of 5 months. You can find detailed information in the relevant job offer. Matriculation is required during the entire internship period or your internship takes place between your Bachelor and Master studies Gap Year.

Maximum duration of the Gap Year internship is 6 months, and the end of the internship must be within one year of the completion of the Bachelor degree.

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Permanent employement after an internship and a subsequent successful study diploma is defintely desirable. However permanent employment always depends on whether a vacant position is there to be filled and whether this position can be filled by an internal applicant, who must be preferencially selected as per social and labor law regulations. At Lufthansa, most theses are given to students following the completion of their internships with us.

If you cannot find anything there then you could think about applying to an internship position in an area that interests you. Can I submit an unsolicited application for a university internship?

writing master thesis abroad

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writing master thesis abroad

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Writing Master Thesis Abroad

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writing master thesis abroad

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All open internship positions are published as individual job offers.

writing master thesis abroad

In this way you can see exactly which tasks are expected during writing master thesis abroad internship, making writing master thesis abroad unsolicited application no longer necessary.

To avoid spending too much time searching, we recommend that you create a job subscription in your Career Cockpit.

writing master thesis abroad

With a job subscription, you are able to specify your search criteria and be notified by email as soon as job positions that match your criteria are available. With just a few clicks, you can then apply directly via your Career Cockpit.

writing master thesis abroad

Previously submitted unsolicited applications will not be processed any further and will be deleted in accordance with our privacy policy. As a rule Lufthansa internships have a minimum time period of three months since we need to make relatively elaborate preparations to employ an intern e.