write essay my best holiday

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write essay my best holiday

I was with my wife and another couple of friends. The flight was very long we did a stopover in Doha after fourteen hours. Doha is a new city with very big buildings near the Arabian sea. We were in Nepal for three weeks. Nepal is a country in the middle of Asia, between China and India.

There are thirty business plan best buy people, Spain is five times bigger than Nepal. We went trekking around the Annapurnas for twenty days. Everyday we got up at seven, after breakfast we walked for seven hours. We saw very nice landscape. Everyday we went up a mountain to a pass which was 5, meters high. Everynight we slept in very simple hotels, with one toilet for all the people, and what a toilet!

The bed was a table with a leg. But the trip was very interesting. I am 52 years old. I am a doctor, I work with people with addiction. I am married and I have one son and two daughters. I have short hair and a beard. I am tall although I am ten kilos overweight.

My Best Holiday Celebration Essay

In my free time, I do sport and I read. I read medicine books as well as novels or essays. Sport is very important for me, it is healthy and it is relaxing. I do sport everyday, cycling o swimming. I going to tell you about of my last holidays. Last September I went on holidays to Paris with my boyfriend.

We went for a week. The flight was short. During the two first days we had a good time and afterwards the weather was awful. It was cloudy, rainy and freezing. We went sightseeing all the time. I enjoyed myself very much and I bought a lot o souvenirs for my family and for my friends too. The last day the weather was awful. It was raining a lot and windy too. The umbrella got broken and quickly we had to stop at McDonalds halfway.

We were soaked! Finally we decided to have dinner there. Unluckily we had to eat very fast because the restaurant was closing. Suddenly we were in the street and the weather got worse, and we started running towards home.

When we arrived home we were completely soaked! We were very angry, very cold and sneezing. The next day we laughed about this adventure but we got a cold. It was horrible!! Unlucky we had to eat very fast because the restaurant was closing. We were in Praha for four days and four days more in Budapest. Both cities are too far from Spain, so we went by plane. Praha is a beautiful place but its people are unfriendly. There we went to the Opera, took some photos of the old clock and the town Hall, we visited a few synagogues, the Jewish ghetto, the cathedral and San Carlos bridge.

There we felt pain in the air. We went in February for ten days. We flew from Santander to Madrid where we changed planes. It landed at Santa Cruz airport. That airport is surprising because the landing strip seems built on the sea at the foot of a big and black cliff. It took us nine hours, more or less, to go from Santander to Palma Island. We stayed in an apartment-hotel, eight kilometers far from Santa Cruz de la Palma, the capital city of the island, so we rented a car to visit the island.

The Palma Island is a beautiful place. There are many beautiful beaches; most of them with black sand and the sidewalks along the beach are built with black volcanic rock. In February, the weather is usually good, so it was sunny most of days; but two days were terrible.

The first day was cold, cloudy and windy, but the second day, there was a big storm with heavy showers, gale strong winds, lightning and thunderclaps. There was a big snowstorm on the top of mountains.

The next day the weather was warm and sunny but the mountain pass was closed to traffic. We went for a walk in the snow with our hiking boots and walking sticks.

The top of mountain was 2, meters high and the young people were doing surf on the snow on the road. Comentario por Adelaida Velasco Rubio diciembre 10, My last Holiday was last week. I went with two friends. We went to Italy by plane from Santander to Bergamo. In Bergamo we took a bus to Milan and we went on a train from Milan to Pavia. We arrived in the evening and after meeting our sons, we went out to have dinner to Trattoria Cupolone.

It was a good choice because it had Italian food and nice music. The first day we went shopping to Milan. We spent a lot of money in clothes for our sons. The next days we were in Pavia and we walked around in the centre city.

We ate a lot of Italian food. The weather was terrible. While we were in Pavia it was raining and it was cold but we were happy with our sons. We spent five days on the trip and we stayed in a Hotel in Pavia and Bergamo The best day was the last day in Bergamo. It was sunny but it was cold because Bergamo is near the Alps. After that we went back home.

Last summer I went to Majorca. I went in June. I went with my mother and my son. We went by plane. We went for 10 days. We stayed in a hotel near the beach. In the hotel there were many foreigners. They were German. They were essay benefit of national service noisy.

write essay my best holiday

In the hotel there was a wonderful swimming pool and a disco. In the morning, we went to the beach near the hotel. The beach was very beautiful. We swam in the sea and sunbathed every day. We drank beer and water every morning. After that we went to have lunch to the hotel. In the afternoon we went to the beach too, and in the evening we went to take a shower and have dinner to the the hotel.

At night we walked beside the beach. The weather was fantastic. Comentario por sonia fernandez. I went to Ibiza three years ago in the summer. I went to my girlfriend there. Phd thesis photography from https: Available at: Accessed February 9, We will write a custom sample essay on My Best Holiday Celebration specifically for you.

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write essay my best holiday

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write essay my best holiday

Last summer, I went to Barcelona. I went with two friends by car.

write essay my best holiday

We stayed in a hotel in the city centre. The first evening, we went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant. After that we went out to a disco, there I met a foreign man, he was very funny.

write essay my best holiday

We also visited many monuments.