my priorities in life essay

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my priorities in life essay

I took a special primary homework help river severn in research concerning the invention of anti-AIDS drugs, those that can support patients with this disease and a vaccine that can free people from this plague of our century.

Getting an education in this field, I hope to accumulate expertise that would allow me to make a contribution to this research and help millions of people around the world. AIDS is depopulating whole areas in Africa and other places, and I believe that pharmaceutical research has the greatest power to remove the threat.

On my part, I hope to become an able professional who will turn everything learned in school to the benefit of humanity, helping a lot of individuals. I believe that with my passion for natural sciences and aptitude for this field, I will realize my potential to make a difference in this profession. My aspirations grounded in both personal experience and literature review can become reality, and I am willing to apply effort for their realization.

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my priorities in life essay

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My Priorities in Life

Next, I need family support. I do not know were I would be without my family. I need a shoulder to lay my head on when I get hurt. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to be guided in reflecting and adopting these aspects in my character.

This makes my education my priority. I feel a good education will define the rest of my life. It will be an investment for the rest of my life.

She is facing the Misfit listening to him reminisce on his life with his mother and father. She believed that Christ was no longer a priority to the people of her generation, and the values and directions of the youth were heading down the wrong path.

This place is my life. And what needed to happen in my life to make it a priority? My daughter motivated me to make school a priority and that is why I am here today. Is my goal to simply graduate, to have the piece of paper on my office wall, to make my daughter proud of me, to prove to myself that I could accomplish a university degree, or is my goal in attending school to build tools for life?

This goal setting will help me throughout my life and especially my life here at the University of Phoenix. Over these years in America, I have endured numerous challenges in life at a fairly young age. We immigrated to this country in hopes of a better life but we have experienced anything but that. While my academic goals were and always will be the number one priority to my parents, and me, I was tremendously reluctant on sitting back and watching my parents struggle to make ends meet.

I was determined to take care for my family immediately and I know now I must work harder within the next several years of life to achieve this goal on long-term bases.

Living a comfortable life that we all had As I was saying before, these values are learned behaviors, one experience in my life taught me the most about how important respect and honesty are in relationships. This year my top priority is graduating. Then I plan to move on from my high school dissertation research programme into college.

At this point in my life my kids will be my top priority but I will enjoy things such as dining out with my husband, playing pool and going to the movies.

my priorities in life essay

I feel these aspects and goals will lead me to a long happy life Should people put the value of life into monetary value or should life be kept solely as an emotional quantity? This fund would give priority to people who were injured in the attacks, then to the spouse, and then to the parents.

Bullets replaced food, medicine, shelter and my loving parents. I lived on woodlands homework help egypt vegetable, ate mud from Mother Earth, and drank urine from my own body" Deng I was given less than a 40 percent chance of surviving, and frankly, some of my doctors were just being kind when they gave me those odds" Armstrong 1. In addition, in doing so, he makes life worse and worse for Lady Macbeth, who cracks under the pressure.

Towards the end of the play, Macbeth discovers that she has taken her own life. Once he discovers that his previous air of invincibility is gone, however, the magnitude of his transgressions hits him like a freight train: This is a tragic instance of one priority dominating, and it could have been avoided if Macbeth had not ignored to what he was doing to himself.

Macbeth lost his own life because

My Priorities in Life and Why Essay