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Sonnets, created by Petrarch and popularized by Shakespearewhich use iambic pentameter across 14 lines of structured rhyme. Sonnets traditionally are love poems. In contrast, Japanese haiku contains only 17 syllables, structuredand are frequently deep works of nature that reflect nature. Basho is considered to be the master of Japanese haiku poetry. Limericks, from Ireland, are often considered to be little more than doggerel, but have remained quite popular in their five line, often satirical form.

However, poetry need not even rhyme. Free verse does not use meter or rhyme, and tends to follow natural speech. Walt Whitman was an early proponent of free verse poetry, reflected in his works such as What is creative writing of Grass. Modern poets tend to rely less on form and rhyme and more on the visual representation of the words on the paper. American poet e. Cummings was famous for his revolutionary poetry, which seemed to break all the rules of conventional English language.

Sylvia Plath illustrates how words can be used to symbolize meaning in her poem "Metaphors".

research papers poetry

The benefit of this expression is to aid in a deeper understanding of thoughts and ideas. Robert Lowell clarifies this point succinctly in his work "Epilogue". Lowell claims that words can serve as harsh luminaries of life. Poetry is not always flowing and beautiful and words can effectively "paralyze[d] by fact". Therefore, poetry can also serve as a mirror of life, not always pretty, but effectively realistic and insightful.

Robert Frost is a master at using subtle images in nature to convey contemplation on the meaning of life. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is perhaps p q theory phd thesis finest example of simplicity in poetry used to reveal life through the beauty of nature.

His use of imagery, tone, connotation and figurative language convey the theme of taking time to notice the beauty in the world, yet not dwelling on it too long for there is plenty to do in this lifetime. On a darker level, the poem also speaks of reflecting on death and the road that one travels to get there. In the line "And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying", Herrick claims that one never knows what tomorrow brings and each day is one day closer to death.

Like Frost, Herrick believes that time should be used wisely and one should live happily, enjoying life.

Poets and Poetry

Herrick implores the reader to seize the day by directing "Gather ye rose-buds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying". So one would ask if reading poetry is "seizing the day" or an effective use of time. Edwin Arlington Robinson provides the contrast to a life well spent in the character of Richard Cory. Giovanni Boccaccio - Giovanni Master thesis in insurance essays look into the Italian Renaissance writer and poet, best known for the Decameron.

In Just E. Cummings - In Just E. Cummings essays discuss the style and meaning of E. Joy Harjo - Joy Harjo essays look at this Native American poets life, and writings of the anguish of her people. Langston Hughes: Poems and Plays - Langston Hughes: Langston Hughes - Essays on Langston Hughes look into the American poet and writer who wasone of the leading voices of the Harlem Renaissance in the s.

research papers poetry

Lyric Poetry - Essays on lyric poetry discuss a certain type of poetry or verse writing. Oscar Wilde Plays - Oscar Wilde plays essays examine the plays of one of the most celebrated London playwrights of the s. Oscar Wilde Poems - An essay on Oscar Wilde poems discuss his literary career and examine the popularity of his poetry.

Oscar Wilde - Oscar Wilde pay it forward essay discuss the literary career of Irish born playwright and most celebrated author in s London, Oscar Wilde.

Petrarch - Petrarch essays look into the life of the earliest humanists and major figure in the development of the Italian Renaissance. Poems About Death - Poems about death essays look into one of the most frequently explored themes in poetry. Poetry Meter - Essays on poetry meter discuss the basic rhythmic structure of verses in poetry. Poetry - Essays on poetry discuss different types of poetry and look at the elements used by famous poets such as Shakespeare.

Robert Lowell - Essays on Robert Lowell report on the American poet whose works mythologized New England, but later developed into confessional poetry. Rudyard Kipling - Rudyard Kipling essays discuss one of the most profound political poets in the nineteenth century.

Samuel Beckett - Samuel Beckett essays examine the Irish writer, notable for his poetry and plays with their black humor and bleak outlook. Sonnet - Essays on sonnets look into the poetic form of a specific number of lines with a tightly controlled rhyme scheme. Sylvia Plath Poems - Essays on Sylvia Plath poems discuss the American poet Sylvia Plath who is now regarded as one of the leading voices in American letters in the 20th century.

Sylvia Plath - Essays on Sylvia Plath examine the American poet and novelist, largely remembered for her pioneering work in confessional poetry.

Thomas Hardy - Thomas Hardy research papers look at the life and works of an English novelist and poet of the Victorian Era. Tove Ditlevsen - Tove Ditlevsen essays explore the life of this Danish writer, and the inspiration for her writings. Eliot - An essay on T. Eliot examines one of the most famous poets of the 20th century best known for his unique approach to employing the principles of modernism in his writing.

Whitman Poems - Essays on Walt Whitman examine one of the most well known American poets who is best known as the author of free verse poetry. Wilfred Owen - Wilfred Owen essays examine an example of an order placed on an explication on an authors poetry. William Wordsworth - William Wordsworth essays look at two of this poets works and also focuses on the emphasis of romanticism.

After Apple-Picking - Robert Frost used the action of picking apples in After Apple-Picking to signify any task and drowsiness to symbolize the changing of the seasons. Augustan Poetry - A form of poetry originating out of the Augustan age, near the time of Alexander Pope. A Coney Island of the Mind - A Coney Island of the Mind essays go into a book by Lawrence Ferlinghetti that contains twenty- nine poems, and discusses the basic poetic elements in the poems.

Epic Poetry - Epic poetry essays discuss one of the oldest forms of dissertation in business administration that tells a story, or narrative. An Evening Walk - An Evening Walk essays go into a separation of man from himself, and how he finds himself again.

research papers poetry

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research papers poetry

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research papers poetry

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Research papers poetry