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make an online resume

Start by writing down your skill sets. For every skill that you write down write a supporting sentence or bullet point that outlines how you have used that skill set in a past job. Once that is complete make a list of your previous jobs with corresponding dates of employment. Phd thesis on anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria there, assign your skill set bullet points to the job of which they are related to you may not use all your bullet points in efforts to make your resume one page long, so make sure you choose the skills that most aptly fit the job you are applying for.

Remember you are competing with other people for getting a particular job, so make sure your resume sets you apart from everyone else applying for the same position! Once this is complete and you have organized your information on your resume make sure you proofread the document! Make sure your personal information is correct and at the top of the page. Next make sure all your skills and jobs are represented in reverse chronological order.

Then make sure your specific skills are outlined at the bottom of the page i. Finally, proofread your resume for any spelling and grammar mistakes. This is a big deal as many employers will discount resumes if they see something misspelled or incorrect.

To prevent this have a career center advisor from your home campus read over your resume! Once you have finished proofing your resume, it is then time to submit it! If you need to send it via email to an employer make sure you save it in a pdf format to ensure no changes can be made along the hiring process. If you upload it through a company portal, try attaching the file as a pdf for the same reasons as state above. In some instances you will have to copy and paste your resume into a box or break up your resume into different sections.

Since your resume is organized as above stated you should have no problem uploading your resume! After your resume has been submitted, it is time to wait for that interview call. If you do not hear a response within a week it is acceptable to reach out to the company via email and respectfully ask if they have received your resume.

In some cases the hiring process is lengthy and depending on the number of candidates they may not have gone through your resume; however, by calling or writing a polite email it will show the company that you are still interested in the position! Click to Call. Contact Us Live Chat. How to Make an Online Resume. E-mail address. Phone numbers If you have more than one number, separate with commas.

Websites If you have more than one URL, separate with commas. Address line 1. Address line 2. Address line 3. Photo essay writing page, jpg, png, jpeg x px.

Make An Online Resume

Job title. Company name.

make an online resume

Start date Eg: Jan End date Eg: Janor Present. Other information Optional details such as job responsibilities, achievements etc.

make an online resume

Qualifications Certifications, accreditions etc. Course name. Institution name. Other information Optional details such as course description, marks etc. References References available upon request.

make an online resume

Create, edit and share your resume in minutes using our resume builder. Build the perfect resume and get the job you want!

make an online resume

Our connections are your success. Get your resume out there with just one click. Learn more. Print hard copies, download, share on make an online resume networks like LinkedIn, and email your resumes to recruiters, all for free.


Make an online resume