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example article critique

Think about the following questions to help you critique and engage with the article: What does the article set out to do? What is the theoretical framework or assumptions? Are the central concepts clearly defined? How adequate is the evidence? How does the article fit into the literature and field? Does it advance the knowledge of the subject? Part 1 Quiz What should you include in an article review?

Research from your own studies. A summary of the main ideas. All of the above! Come up with a title. This title should reflect the focus of your review. Decide between a declarative title, descriptive title, or interrogative title. Cite the article. Under the title, place a complete citation of the article in the proper style.

For example, in MLA, a citation may look like: Duvall, John N. Identify the article. Start your review by referring to chair phd resume title and author of the article, the title of the journal, and the year of publication in the first paragraph.

For example: Write the introduction. The introduction of the article review will have the identification sentence. It will also mention the central themes of the article and the arguments and claims of the author. Sometimes, the thesis has multiple points. The thesis may not be clearly stated in the article, so you may have to determine the thesis yourself. Express the main points, arguments, and findings of the article in your own words, referring to your summary for assistance.

Show how the article supports its claims. This may be done in several paragraphs, although the length will depend on requirements established by your instructor or publisher.

Write your critique. Use your outline of opinions to write several paragraphs explaining how well the author addressed the topic. Express your opinion about whether the article was a clear, thorough, and useful explanation of the subject. This is the core of your article review. Identify any biases. Decide if you agree with the writer, then provide sufficient support as to why or why not. End by suggesting which audiences would benefit from reading the article.

Conclude the article review. In a paragraph, summarize the main points of the article, as well as your opinions about its significance, accuracy, and clarity. If relevant, also comment on implications for further research or discussion in the field.

The arguments in the article show the presence of bias, prejudice, argumentative writing without supporting details, and misinformation.

Reread the review. Look for grammar, mechanics, and usage mistakes. Make sure to cut any extra, unneeded information. Make sure you have identified and discussed the key issues in the article. Part 2 Quiz True or False: True Nope! False Yes! Alexander Peterman MA, Education. Alexander Peterman. However, you can reference tables and figures in the original work, such as argumentative essay for school uniforms saying, "In Figure 2.

Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful The article title should be a succinct, ideally clever description of the general content. In this case, if you were writing a movie review for, say, a bad movie about a ship, you could say something like, "New Release Sinks at the Box Office. Not Helpful 2 Helpful How many articles am I required to study before writing a review article? It would depend on the subject of the review article. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Am I supposed to write the review in paragraphs or with points and headings?

This would include looking at some of the tools that the poem uses -- alliteration, rhyming scheme, metaphor, etc. I would also look at the message of the poem itself and see if it came across clearly and meaningfully.

It depends on what your teacher wants. Sometimes it may be single spaced, and other times the teacher may want you to double space your work. Check with them if you need clarification.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful How do I introduce other references in the body if I have consulted others? There are two ways. The first is by using brackets at the end of a sentence: Or, you can add it in the sentence itself, for example: Not Helpful 24 Helpful Do I use references for each and every sentence when writing an article review?

Your review should mostly be composed of your own summary and arguments. Yes, it is important to reference the examples. You are using them to support the argument or your critique of the article. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Unanswered Questions. How do I start my review article of a place suitable for a vacation? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How do I correlate different articles to review? What should be the topics of making article review? Do I need to get permission from the author before reviewing article?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X If you have to write an article review, read through the original article closely, taking notes and highlighting important sections as you read.

Did this summary help you? Article Info This article was co-authored by Alexander Peterman. Article Writing Critical Reviews In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1, times.

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Thank you so much! Juabin Matey Aug 30, Would be happy if more could be added on how to review more than one article as a literature review of thesis and dissertations. Thank you! KM Kenias Mchuchu Jan CS Chandan Singh Jan MK Maurice Kelly Dec 20, Nov 27, I stumbled onto this page and assumed it would be ridiculously basic.

My arrogance was proven wrong. The steps were great to follow, since I had a couple days to get the job done! SZ Sabrina Zemmour Nov 25, It guides me step by step on how I can proceed in my article review. I liked the illustrations and the examples. Good job, thanks. IG Issa Gyim Sep 27, VM Vanita Meghrajani Jul 21, So our professor gave us the link to this page and I must say that this has helped me ending a personal statement lot in understanding the concept of article review.

MM Mavis Mainu May 27, How find dissertations online yale read the article, fish out the relevant information and how to even conclude. A Anonymous Jul 20, NW Nelson C. Wilson Sep 15, The step-by-step format is complete and comprehensive. I will be using this site all semester. Deadline Specify when you would like to receive the paper from your writer. Make sure you leave a few more days if you need the paper revised.

Why are we cheaper? Studybay is a freelance platform. Place an order. Examples of completed orders. Article Critique How to write an article critique?

The main questions that should interest a critic. These are the basic principles of expertise: Determine the specific theme of an article critique example, its general purposes and target audience.

Define, whether the author has succeeded in addressing a concrete public, and then substantiate your conclusion. Define the main thesis of the work. Is the thesis original or is it banal? Is it absolutely clear or too complicated for immediate understanding?

Can one observe it from all possible angles? Does the writer understand completely the main purpose of the work? Every article critique example has to be written, similarly with the same high requirements as the dissertation example. Concentrate on the materials represented in the paper. An article critique example must contain references to the most important sources used in the sample.

example article critique

Did the author use that material properly? Does it sustain the main statements or ruin them? What was the purpose of the specific data? Was the topic exposed or hidden behind some unnecessary details?

example article critique

Assess the language and the style all of them in the context of the task. Is it a well-chosen style, which clearly shows the way of thinking? Are there any troubles caused by the language of the article? Use only the reliable sources of information about nuances of the style like Oxford dictionaries or TOICE homework help.

How to Critique an Article

How to critique an article in the most effective way? Discuss alternative methods of argumentation about the received results. Are there alternative techniques that may be useful for solving the original problem? Are there any controversial points or gaps in the chain of logical thinking? Every detail of the review must sound in unison with the topic. What is the use of this work? If it is a biology research, may it be helpful in the biology homework assignments or some further explorations?

If the object of the study is a fictional book - what role can it play in the worldview of the potential reader? Comparing an article critique management coursework help with others that are worth a detailed exploration. What is Studybay. What we can offer FREE features in every order free. Format All formats are available. Related posts Learn to Write a Critical Reaction Paper Look through these helpful and highly informative tips if you really want to be good at writing a persuasive and coherent critical reaction paper Read more.

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example article critique

One of the best ways for you to develop an innate and exceptional ability to think critically as well as acquire unmatched analytical skills is via the completion of the various university and college writing tasks. The main reason behind the above-average failure rate is because students do not have the required writing competencies as well as knowledge.

Often, the guidelines that are given to students by teachers in the classroom are not adequate to assist students in developing good writing practices. Even for the example article critique students that have received excellent lessons in writing, it is not strange to find that the majority of them are still having problems with refining their art of coming up with an article critique.

example article critique

However, there is no need to get downcast. The following are the steps that will guide you in becoming competent in the field of writing article example article critique with little effort.

example article critique

Example article critique