original essay writing

Making use of a good vocabulary and employing advanced sentence structures are ways in which you can make your essay more linguistically original. The rate at which water comes out of the bucket declines exponentially, a handy analogy for radioactive decay. This tip may not be applicable to all essays, but one way of making your essay more original is to explain a complex concept using an analogy. An analogy, simply put, is when you compare one thing with another to help explain something.

Most students will battle on with trying to explain something with a straightforward definition. However, if you can find a simpler way of explaining it using an analogy, then you may be able to summarise the concept far more effectively.

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In both cases, the rate of a consumptive process depends on how much there is left of whatever is being depleted, which results in an exponential rate of decay. Many students are so absorbed in writing about the opinions of other people that they forget to include anything of their own. This gives you an easy way of making your essay more original than theirs, by including your own opinion. Is it worth putting in this extra elbow grease? Your email will not be shared and you can unsubscribe whenever you want with a simple click.

original essay writing

Image credits: May 28, at 7: Click here to cancel reply. You may be interested in these other courses: Contact Login. The company contracts with institutions including Oxford University for the use of their facilities and also contracts with tutors from those institutions but does not operate under the aegis of Oxford University. An illustration of the attack on Derna in the First Barbary War. An essay on might reference Animal Farm. Contemporary images can support your essay.

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original essay writing

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Essay Tips: 7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

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original essay writing

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original essay writing

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original essay writing

Original essay writing