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do footnotes count in word count extended essay

Again, counting footnotes as part of help with dissertation london page count is a general rule of thumb, not a definitive answer.

Do endnotes count in a word count? Do endnotes count in a page count? There is one significant difference between footnotes and endnotes which is endnotes are found at the end of the essay and not at the bottom of each page. Image courtesy of Lohan Gunaweera. This is a bunch of BS.

If I had to write them as part of the essay, then I feel they should count in my word count. Teachers are always trying to get us to do more work than they originally say. This may seem bad but it is how it works unless specified otherwise. If they counted, all everyone would do is footnote every sentence to up the word count! This drives me absolutely crazy. I never have enough room to write everything I want anyway and when footnotes are counted as part of the word count it just means that I have less space to write the points that I want to get across.

The word count should be for the essay, essay type resume the parts that support the essay.

Why would anybody think that they could include footnotes as part of their essay? Can I just assume I can count them? I need them to make my word count. I just want this essay to be over! I think that word counts suck anyway. So many times in school I had to go back and add filler words that just made my paper sound dumbed down.

It was so much easier to write a good, precise paper, but teachers only seem to care about the quantity instead of quality. Or you need to look at the writing from different perspectives rather than from a single one.

do footnotes count in word count extended essay

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Do Footnotes Count in Word Count?

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do footnotes count in word count extended essay

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do footnotes count in word count extended essay

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The Extended Essay is intended to promote detailed research, writing skills, do citations count in word count extended essay.

do footnotes count in word count extended essay

The word count in your in appendices. It should be clear what would count as evidence in. Entire paperessay including preliminaries should be in a 12 pt.

do footnotes count in word count extended essay

Conclusion EE word count at end of paper.


Do footnotes count in word count extended essay