cultural relativism essay

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cultural relativism essay

It comes down to the individual. Societies make determinations, but universal agreement is impossible. Something that was done or acceptable before changes because it was wrong and what is done now in the present time is morally right. Rachels gives the example of the place and role of women throughout history. Throughout most of western history the place of women in society was very narrowly circumscribed. They could not vote or hold political office; with a few exceptions they were not allowed to have paying jobs; and generally they were under the almost absolute control of their husbands.

Moral progress occurred because our society no longer holds this limited and inferior view of women. There has been growth, or moral progress, and women are now allowed to vote, hold political office, work, and basically control their own lives. The control shifted from their husbands to ks2 homework help and the idea of moral progress places a value judgment on this change.

Moral progress or reform transforms a society. There is an inherent judgment or criticism found in the idea of progress. Rachels believed that cultural relativism does not allow for judgment, criticism, or questions. Thus, to say there has been moral progress would call into question the entire foundation of a society. A cultural relativist might define moral progress not as progress, but as cultural change from one era to the next.

This idea that there is no moral progress in cultural relativism means that change is not better or worse. It must be absent of judgment. Why would there be change unless it was to improve the society? What good is cultural relativism if it prevents change, which ensures there is no advancement? It keeps us in a primitive culture.

Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism Essay example

Rachels believed that adopting the theory of cultural relativism in its entirety prevents critical thinking and differences of opinion. The moral codes of a society would prevent individual beliefs and a range of opinions.

cultural relativism essay

There are a number of important admission papers for sale please we can take doctor albert emmelhainz thesis cultural relativism, but we must be flexible enough to adapt it to encompass variations of opinion and different views on morality and ethics. Tolerance of others and an ability to keep an open mind to that which is different are extremely important and help us make our world a better place.

There must be room to embrace differences and to analyze the theory in a critical way. Individualism is important and helps to advance our society and ensure moral progress. Random House, Mrs Birling is a confident and prideful women with some public influence.

She thinks that different classes behave a certain way and lacks of empathy-how people live. This is The Birlings are an upper class family living in pre-war England; they think very highly of themselves and are quite shallow minded.

They concentrate centrally on material possessions. The Birlings live in a well-established and comfortable home, which is richly furnished, yet does not have a hint of homeliness or a sign of family life in it. Throughout the play there are symbols used to Examine and consider religious and ethical responses to animal experimentation One philosopher that strongly is against animal testing is Peter Singer; he became involved after studying the work of Jeremy Bentham.

Abstract Moral pluralism acknowledges the existence of opposing ideas and practices. Moral judgments are determined by using more than one criterion. The views of several moral ethicists are examined and considered. Topical examples are provided supporting both sides of moral pluralism as applied to environmental issues.

Concerns for and affects on future generations are postulated. The view toward protecting the natural world by the public The many sexual issues include the topics of homosexuality, prostitution, extra martial affairs, contraception and sex before marriage, with many of the theories giving their view on what is right or wrong. Aquinas theory of natural law is one that says no to mostly all sexual issues.

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cultural relativism essay

Consequently, whatever people regard thesis service delivery local government right or wrong and good or evil is indeed the product of the society. Currently, it appears that cultural relativism is almost upheld all over the world of course except a few societies. Today, use of words such as tolerance, pluralism, as well as acceptance has become rampant, and people are culturally creating space for others.

People seem to understand each other better and are willing to seek to comprehend the workings of other cultures. To a large extent, cultural relativism has helped us to co-exist and to accommodate each other despite our diverse cultural backgrounds. People do not question or out-rightly say something is evil or good unless the action in question is universally considered good or evil.

However, it is essential to consider all factors that relate to cultural relativism. Initially, we had cultural perspective, and it brought about a willingness to seek to understand politics, history as well as psychology. Gradually, however, the world has moved on from seeking to understand history and psychology to simply accepting everything as it is.

The world has slowly eroded the aspect of reason, and currently, it is almost impossible to categorize something as morally right or wrong. In conclusion, it is true to say that cultural relativism has helped to become accommodative. However, it is also true that it is gradually robbing us off the ability to make or pass any judgements whatsoever.

We have become more tolerant as well as accommodative to more bizarre and incomprehensible activities in the name of cultural relativism. As is always the case, people have turned what cultural relativism originally meant to something contradictory. The incorporation and global adoption of the words tolerance, acceptance, and pluralism have also helped to dilute the matter at hand.

It is fair to say that absolute relativism is nearly impossible and that its basic premise of truth being relative is flawed.

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Cultural Relativism Essay

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Cultural Relativism, Essay Sample

Cultural relativism essay relativism sees nothing wrong and nothing good. Today there is quite a diversity of cultures.

cultural relativism essay

Diversity in the food, clothes, language, ethnicity, and beliefs. Do to sins the truth is not subjected; truth is absolute.

cultural relativism essay

As of today we live in a society of pluralism and tolerance. That cultural relativism is more than just a statement about equality of cultures but a theory of fundaments.

cultural relativism essay