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help with school

The digital careers interactive and standards-aligned classroom activities are designed to help you explore potential STEM careers and develop key critical thinking skills.

Explore Now. Register Now. Rishab created an algorithm to make pancreatic cancer treatment more effective by using artificial intelligence to accurately locate and track the pancreas in real-time during MRI radiotherapy. Learn More! Dive into the energy-water nexus today! Invite students to explore the relationship between water and energy as they relate to conservation and discover how new technologies are empowering consumers, making cities smarter, and moving us toward a more energy-efficient future.

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help with school

Glimpse the true impacts of opioid misuse Meet real people affected by opioids and hear their stories of loss, triumph, and learning. Arm your students with the facts so they can make informed choices when faced with their decision to take prescription opioids or heroin in this powerful Virtual Field Trip.

Hear from experts in software and infrastructure engineering, product design, and data security, to learn how hands-on work in the classroom can lead to engaging careers that create positive change. Watch Now. Pathway to Financial Success in Schools Empower students to take control of their financial futures with new standards-aligned financial literacy curriculum from Discover How to purchase an essay Services and Discovery Education.

Now On Demand: Your Roadmap to a Healthy Heart Are you ready to take the challenge? They have all inspired 3M innovations in science! Stream the Young Scientist Virtual Field trip today to learn more about how nature inspires 3M science.

Watch now. Blast off with your classroom today! Launch Now. NEW resource just launched! Three real-world missions introduce you to concepts in physics, biology, engineering and earth science while highlighting Navy STEM careers. Begin Training. Watch today to discover a breadth of exciting careers powering John Deere innovation.

Watch the Virtual Field Trip on-demand now. Hundreds of talented students from across the country entered but these innovative thinkers rose to the top! Meet Them Now. Homework, sports, after-school activities, TVs, computers, and video games, as well as hectic family schedulescan contribute to kids not getting enough sleep.

help with school

Lack of sleep can cause irritable or hyperactive behavior and might make it hard for kids to pay attention in class. Be sure to leave enough time before bed to allow your child to unwind before lights out and limit stimulating diversions like TV, video games, and Internet access. When kids are organized, they can stay focused instead of spending time hunting things down and getting sidetracked. What does it mean to be organized at the elementary level?

For schoolwork, it means having an assignment book and homework folder many schools supply these to keep track of homework and projects. Set up a bin for papers that you need to check or sign. Teach your child how to use a calendar or personal planner to help stay organized.

It can be as simple as:. No one is born with great organizational skills — they need to be learned and practiced.

Free Student Resources

Studying for a test can be scary for young kids, and many educators assume parents will help their kids during the grade-school years. Introducing your child to study skills now will pay off with good learning habits throughout life. In elementary school, kids usually take end-of-unit tests in math, spelling, science, and social studies.

Be sure to know when a test is scheduled so you can help your child study ahead of time rather than just the night before. You also might need to remind your child to bring home the right study materials, such as notes, study guides, or books. You also can introduce your child to tricks like mnemonic devices to help with recalling information. Remember that taking a break after a minute study period is an important way to help kids process and remember information.

Your child probably will be introduced to standardized testing in elementary school. In general, if studying and testing becomes a source of stress for your child, discuss the situation with the teacher or school counselor.

Schools usually cite their disciplinary policies sometimes called the student code of conduct in student handbooks. The rules cover expectations, and consequences for not meeting the expectations, for things like student behavior, dress codes, use of electronic devices, and acceptable language.

The policies may include details about attendance, vandalism, cheating, fighting, and weapons. Many schools also have specific policies about bullying. Whether kids are just starting kindergarten or entering their last year of elementary school, there are many good reasons for parents to volunteer at school. Many grade-schoolers like to see their parents at school or at school events. If your child seems uncomfortable with your presence at the essays on pearl harbor or with your involvement in an extracurricular activity, consider taking a more behind-the-scenes approach.

Check the school or teacher website to find volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule. Even giving a few hours during the school year can make a strong impression on your child. Sick kids should stay home from school if they have a fever, are nauseated, vomiting, or have diarrhea. If your child is missing a lot of school due to illnessmake sure to check with the teacher about any work dissertation structure needs to be completed.

Sometimes students want to stay home from school because of problems with classmates, assignments or grades, or even teachers. This can result in real symptoms, like headaches or stomachaches. The school counselor or school psychologist also might be able to help.

Also try to avoid late bedtimes, which can result in tardy and tired students.

Discovery Education offers free student resources that bring learning to life both inside and outside the classroom.

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We invite you to take a look at our interactive games, videos, contests, virtual labs and activities designed to help you dive deeper into a topic —and have fun too!

Learning just got a little more interesting.

help with school

Check out these fun interactive games. Just help with school heads up, though, you might get hooked. High school students, test your driving skills with Heads Up!

help with school

Help with school