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phd dissertation viva

It is considered positive, indeed essential, that you can discuss both strengths and weaknesses. Examiners will seek to find and discuss weaknesses in all theses. You should not interpret criticism as an indication that you will not get a positive outcome.

Examiners have different personalities, styles, and levels of experience. Sometimes a candidate may feel that a challenge has been made in a confrontational way. Experienced and effective examiners will not be inappropriately confrontational, but some personalities are more prone to such approaches.

phd dissertation viva

It is important that you do not take offence. A relaxed, thoughtful, and non-confrontational response from you will help re-balance the discussion. Murray She suggests that you do not:.

Practising answering these four questions will take you a long way in your preparation. The questions below all fall within these four, but are more specific, and are arranged following the order of a typical thesis.

Most people who reach the stage of the PhD viva will gain their PhD. However, it is very rare that a thesis will be passed without any changes being required. Almost everybody is asked to make minor or major amendments. Having got this far do not give up: The recommendations available to examiners at the University of Leicester are shown in Table 1, below. You may well take away from the viva a mix of positive and negative feelings.

You may feel positive because you have passed the viva, but you may also feel negative because there is further work to be done on the thesis. Almost all candidates will have further work to do.

You can be assured that getting through the viva is in itself something to celebrate. Rugg, G. The unwritten rules of PhD research.

Open University Press.

phd dissertation viva

Tinkler, P. The doctoral examination process: Wellington, J. Succeeding with your doctorate. Personal tools Web Editor Log in. Search Site only in current section. Professional college admission writing service Search…. Search Site. You are here: Introduction So far you may have focussed primarily on writing your thesis: What is a viva?

Its purpose is to: Aim to establish the date for your viva as soon as you can. This may be a few weeks away, but is more likely to be several months hence. How about you walk into your viva with you confidence sky high because you know exactly what questions are coming your way having the answers essay writting online your finger tips to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of your work?

What if you can answer all the Questions looking straight into the eyes of the Examiners and surprise them with your amazing grip on the Subject and Topic ad change your status from a borderline student to a top line student. Imagine the PhD status written with your name in a while because you were smart enough to get through your Dissertation Viva having the self-belief and Professional knowledge of your Topic, Results and Research Methodology.

This E-Book will help you take a dissertation viva with confidence and self esteem beyond your imagination and you will be able to score as high as you never did.

The cost of this eBook is a steal Get a step closer to success with this state of the art E-Book and feel like these satisfied customers who used our services and excelled in their Dissertation Vivas. Viva was never the field I could play in. But when I found dissertation-help.

phd dissertation viva

I delivered my viva two weeks back and I am proud to say that I scored better than I had imagined. In some countries or institutions, the convention is for thesis defences to be public events where you will give a lecture explaining your research, followed by a discussion with a panel of examiners opponents.

Both your examiners and the audience are able to ask questions. In other countries, including the UK, the oral examination is usually conducted behind closed doors by at least two examiners, usually with at least one being from another institution external examiner and an expert in your topic of research.

Phd Dissertation Help Viva

In the UK the supervisor does not participate in the viva, but may be allowed to observe. Sometimes someone from your own institution is appointed as an independent chair. Although it is now becoming more common for the candidate to have an opportunity to give a public lecture in UK institutions, this does not form part of the examination and may or may not be attended by the examiners. Take the preparation for your viva seriously and devote a substantial amount of time to it.

The viva preparation checklist may be useful to help you prepare. Your institution may offer courses on viva preparation and there may be opportunities to organise a practice viva. Take advantage of these opportunities: Your study will have strengths and weaknesses:

phd dissertation viva

This oral examination is a chance for students to discuss their work with experts. It involves lots of penetrating questions, conceptually complex debates and is infamously terrifying.

phd dissertation viva

How can PhD students best prepare? We asked a number phd dissertation viva academics and recent survivors for their tips. Institutional policies and practices vary.

Find out who will attend your viva eg will a supervisor attend, will there be an independent chair?


Phd dissertation viva