dissertation defenses

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dissertation defenses

Tania Betancourt, Chair Dr. Gary W. Beall Dr. Jason Cook Dr. Irvin Dr. Shannon E. Luz Maldonado Dr. Beall, Chair Dr. William T. Christopher P. Rhodes Dr. William Brittain Dr. Kimberly Meitzen, Chair Dr. Benjamin Zhan Dr. Jason Julian Dr. Larry P. Lori Assaf, Co-Chair Dr. Emily Summers, Co-Chair Dr. Continuous Functions in the Transition to Topology Dr.

Samuel Obara, Chair Dr. Alexander White Dr. A Study of Women Pediatricians Dr. Brooks Dr. Marsha R.

Griffin Dr. Furness Digital College Readiness: Paulson, Co-Chair Dr. Lori C. Assaf, Co-Chair Dr. Jodi P. Holschuh Dr. Leticia Grimaldo Dr. Brandon L. Thomas H. Myers, Chair Dr. Mark W. Edwin L. Piner Dr.

dissertation defenses

Nikoleta Theodoropoulou Dr. Jian V. Li Prof. Ravi Droopad, Chair Dr. Maggie Chen Dr. Ivan Castro Arellano, Chair Dr. Joe Veech Dr. Rodney Rohde Dr. Tom Lee Dr. SUP Jodi Holschuh, Chair Dr. Eleanor Close Dr. Pandey Dr. Cultivating Leadership for School and Community Change: Miguel A Guajardo, Chair Dr. Marialena D. Rivera Dr. Francisco J. Jennifer Irvin Dr. Christopher Rhodes Dr.

A Geographic Inquiry Dr. Stephen P. Gordon, Chair Dr. Richard Dixon, Chair Dr. Tom Ballinger Dr. Preparation and Characterization Dr. Stafford, Chair Dr. Shayne Jones Dr. Steven Furney, Chair Dr. Thomas E. Billimek Dr. Denise Blanchard, Chair Dr. Sharon Strickland, Chair Dr. Edwin Chow, Chair Dr.

Doctoral (PhD) Dissertation Defenses

Weigum, Chair Dr. Tania Betancourt Dr. Gary Beall Dr. Soon-Jae Lee, Chair Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman Dr. Byoung Hee You Dr. A Content Analysis Dr. Donna Vandiver, Chair Dr. Scott W. Bowman Dr. Meredith Martin Rountree Dr. Lucia Summers Dr. Nathee Chitsanwang Dr. Joycelyn Pollock, Chair Dr. Michael Supancic Dr. Sean P. Arlene Serrano Rutgers essay question. Maneka Brooks Dr.

Sarah Nelson-Baray Dr. Patrice Werner, Chair Dr. Ed Piner, Chair Dr. Edward Beam Qorvo, Inc. Emily Miller Payne, Chair Dr. HAC Jim Acker Dr. David Perkins Dr. Hines Moira Martin Compassion in Crises: Bob Vasquez Dr. Steven Aragon, Co-Chair Dr. Qingkai Yu, Chair Dr. Role of an Informal Math Program Dr.

Max Warshauer, Co-Chair Dr. Alexander White, Co-Chair Dr. Pete Blair, Chair Dr. Scott Bowman Dr. Marcus Felson Dr. Hines Caitlin Gabor, Chair Dr. Alison Bell Dr. Wilhelmus J. Geerts Dr. David Irvin Dr. Queering Masculinities in Higher Education Dr. Lisa L. Kirkpatrick Dr. Sarah Nelson Baray Dr. Toward a Post-Cartesian Framework Dr. Nelson-Baray Dr. Coryell,Chair Dr. Hyun Joo Martha Kwon Dr.

Taylor Acee, Co-Chair Dr.

dissertation defenses

Emily Miller Payne Dr. Alejandra Sorto, Co-Chair Dr. Stewart Welsh, Co-Chair Dr. UAC Christine A. Alejandra Sorto,Chair Dr. Steve Furney, Chair Dr. Zhonghong Jiang Dr.

Leticia R. Grimaldo Dr. Mark Stafford, Chair Dr. Mitchell Chamlin Dr. Benjamin Zhan, Chair Dr. Breslow Narratives of Directors of Disability Services: Amlani Educating the Masses: Osvaldo Muniz, Chair Dr. What to write a narrative essay about Boehm Dr. Navigating Cultural Fronts Dr. A Phenomenographic Study Dr.

Colleen Hiner, Chair Dr. ELA Steven D. Glassner Evaluating Traumatic Life Events: Communities of Color Dr. Miguel Guajardo Dr.

John A. ED David L. Gibbs Constructing Requirements: Supple Suvidha S. Samant Quantification of Frankiae in Soil Dr. Supple Jerry C. Drake Treasure Houses of the Mind: Public Places as Teachers of History Dr.

Injeong Jo Dr. Colleen Hiner Dr. SUP Lisa L. Kirkpatrick Elders in Assisted Living: Excavating Hospitality From Within Dr. Oliver Dr. Ann Brooks Dr. Clarena Larrota Dr. Previous Video Next Video. Belinda Flores. Student Motivation and Academic Dishonesty: A Meta-Analytic Investigation.

Hongwei Yu. Perceptions of Police Use of Force: A Comparison between Citizens and Police Officers. Geoffrey Alpert. Advising African-American Males: Mattyna Stephens. Conducting the Symphony: Bruce Uhrmacher.

Inclusion Through Intercultural Approaches to Education: School and Community Programs for Refuge Integration. Patricia Sanchez. Li Zhu. Lesli Biediger-Friedman. Felix Breden. Emily Payne. Vedaraman Sriraman. Bergeron Harris.

Hilary Lustick. Denise Collier. Clarena Larrotta. Barry Aidman. Arlene Serrano-Ramos. Kirsten de Beurs. Marialena Rivera. Luz Maldonado. Darren Lund. Robert Perdue. Graham Tobin. Jovita Ross-Gordon. Leading for Equity: Brandon Beck. Christopher Engdahl. Alexander White. Penning Possibilities: A Historical Narrative. Richard Earl. Samuel Obara. Jean-Claude Thill. Robert Reardon. Sharon Strickland. Dialogue and Difference: Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Learning Environment.

Eleanor Close. Abdelaziz Al Senaidi. Salama Al Mansoori. Adel Nassib Al Saqri. Saif Alharbi. Dana Alkhatib. Aisha Yammahi. Fatima Al Nuaimi. Ameera Al Mansoori. Eleanora Charnetskaya. Shina Mokhtari. Eslam Al-Hassan. Nour Debouza. Naji Al-Dubaili. Social Sustainability: Rana Al Thawabta. Bashar Abu Hattab.

A Mixed Method Study. Aysha Alshamsi. Hibatullah Al Ashram. The results of this study may be important because the isolation of profitable trades may help traders to devise better cross-market trading strategies to achieve higher portfolio returns and lower risk exposure.

Collectively, these three essays examine information nursing research paper and pricing dynamics within the Pathway of commodities futures. Therefore, this study contributes to the study of securities interconnectedness and the cross-markets feedback-effects that are conditional to information transfer, price dynamics, and the innovated microstructure.

It will also contribute to the body of knowledge of spot and futures market, the cross-market linkages, the debate on contango and backwardation and price discovery. Recent attention upon patient satisfaction within healthcare has increased the complexity of organizational management in hospitals. Recent regulatory changes such as the Medicaid Value Based Purchasing program no longer allow leaders to focus only upon health outcomes and fiscal bottom lines; a critical concern is the perception of the health care experience from the patient perspective.

This dissertation seeks to theorize and build a nomological network of antecedents to patient satisfaction from distinct theoretical perspectives, to move towards a theory of patient satisfaction, and to contribute to and extend existing work in healthcare research. To this end, this dissertation will first examine patient satisfaction as an outcome variable, seeking to establish a robust and consistent outcome variable.

Second, this research will introduce the concept of patient-technology fit, expanding previous research on task-technology fit to the patient experience.

Finally, a direct examination of the impact of electronic patient portals upon patient satisfaction is posited to help explain health information technologies and their impact upon satisfaction. Primary survey instruments will be used to assess patient satisfaction scores, as well as utilization of existing scales to measure key variables.

Structural equation modeling will be used to explore these relationships.

dissertation defenses

The predictability of inflation, deflation, and stagflation is an important issue because economists and policymakers in the Federal Reserve, whose responsibility it is to shape and guide policy, need methods to determine the direction and size of changes in policy positions.

A commodity index typically contains a mix of several elements, such as all precious metals, oil, produce, etc. The current literature shows much discussion on the non—theoretical uses of VARs, as well as structural VARs SVARs but there are still perplexing anomalies and, few studies have been conducted over serious economic downturns.

However, in this study, a method of grounded theory was used to develop VARs that included a US version of gold lease rates GLRs in lieu of a commodity index that spanned two decades inclusive of the Great Recession.

This study also explores the endogeneity associated with inclusion and exclusion of commodity related explanatory variables within VAR models. GOOD Dr. Annually, sinceUnited States employees within the nursing profession experienced annual workplace violence rates more than nine times the national average US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, This rate, sincewas rivaled only by law enforcement patrol officers and correctional officers at more than 18 and 22 times www customerwriting com national average, respectively US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

dissertation defenses

Patterns and Predictors of Emerging School Leaders: We Carve the River by Propelling: Principals Living Restorative Practices: A Journey of Hope, Passion, and Justice. Deep in the Heart of Texas: School Micropolitics: The Dissertation defenses of Speciation.

dissertation defenses