custom writings medical papers

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custom writings medical papers

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custom writings medical papers

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All the essays are created from scratch and free from plagiarism. We use the most reliable sources which get appropriately cited and referenced. You have adhered to the stylerequirements at a basic levelalthough you have not followedthe guidelines fully.

Word limitnot adhered to. Some basicformatting requirements notincluded; such as pagenumbers, art of the personal essay, doublespacing, font size readable. You have met theassignment guidelinessatisfactorily, although youhave not followed two ormore of the required criteria. The majority of stylerequirements have beenadhered to, although thereare still some minorformatting errors.

All style requirementsand assignmentguidelines adhered to. Spelling, grammarand paragraphstructure meetsacademic standards3 Many spelling and punctuationerrors. Sentence structure isoften unclear. No use ofmeaningful paragraphs toallow logical flow of content. Poor use of professionallanguage. No definition ofterms.

You need to consultwith the Study and LearningCentre for assistance withwriting skills; beforecompleting any furtheracademic writingassessments. There are a number of spellingand grammatical errorsthroughout, which detract fromyour content and flow of ideas.

custom writings medical papers

Terms are inadequatelydefined throughout, with youruse of professional languagelimited. Paragraphs are notstructured correctly, with toomuch use of point form in yourresponses. You need to reviewcorrect paragraph structureand its use in academic writing. You use professionallanguage well, but still needto define some terms.

Your paragraphs need toeach have a key idea orfocus, which then links to thenext logically, enabling a flowof information. You have generally metthe academic standardsfor writing, with fewspelling and punctuationerrors evident.

Your paragraph structureis good, with good use ofprofessional language. You still need toconsistently define termsExcellent paragraphstructure. Professional languageused throughout, withwell-defined terms. Topic is introducedclearly andsuccinctly1. You introduce the case studywell, making clear links to thetopic question.

You have notstated clearly enough howyou intend to set out yourresponse. Your general introductionis good, with a clearsummary of the key pointsto be covered.

custom writings medical papers

You provide anexcellent introduction toyour submission, andclearly explain how youintend to answer thecase study question. Conclusionprovides a concisesummary of mainpoints covered1. You have not summarised themain components of yourpaper. Concluding comments are toobrief, and do not summarisethe main components of yourpaper adequately.

You sum up the major focusof the buying versus renting essay studysatisfactorily, but need toalso contextualise the keypoints of your responses tothe case study.

You summarise the maincomponents of yourresponses, but need to linkthem more consistently tothe case study. Your conclusionprovides a high qualitysummary of the majorpoints covered in yourresponses, all linkedwell to the case study. ContentProvides acomprehensiveresponse to thecriteria and analysis10 The question is inadequatelyanswered. Poor understandingof the question. You have notprovided rationales for theYour response to the questionis answered to a adequatelevel only, and require moredetail and also to be appliedYour answer is satisfactorilyresearched, and addressesthe key criteria.

When youfocus on only one or two keyYou have answered thequestion well, and inappropriate detail. Yourresponse is too general andnot focused on the case an essay writing. Effectively linksevidence-basedinformation to thecase study data8 Poor use of evidence tosupport your response. Your lack of supportingevidence indicates inadequateresearch into the topicquestion.

Your use of evidence-basedinformation is limited to thecourse textbooks, and reflectsinadequate research. The references used provideadequate evidence for yourresponse, but you have notsearched widely enough insome areas.

You provide goodevidence for most of yourrationales; although youneed to be moreconsistent with your levelof research. You effectively linkedquality research basedevidence to justify eachof your rationales. ReferencesUtilises relevantand contemporaryreferences inresponse2 No or inadequate referencescited throughout your paper. References used are notcontemporary or reflective ofcurrent practice.

Many of yourreferences are older than 5years. Many of your referencesare web-based and are notpeer reviewed. You have met the referencerequirements at a basic levelonly.

custom writings medical papers

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custom writings medical papers

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