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gang violence essay

Gangs are being fueled by the fear they have given the citizens, therefore most people are too afraid to do anything about the problem. These are some of the few disturbing statistics about gang violence in Chicago; however, as many people do not know, gangs have not always been about drugs and violence.

In the early 19th century, gangs are not what people perceive them to be today. Gangs in the 19th century were volunteers with the fire department civil war paper in the Antebellum Period, which is the period. Gang violence in youths is a prominent problem around numerous portions of the world today.

Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves. The life of a youth and their family can be altered by just one simple decision to join a gang, put many people in danger of being hurt, however there are still many workable solutions to put these youths back on track.

When a youth elects to join a gang it is typically. In todays United States we have a huge problem affecting society, gangs and the violence that follows them wherever they go. Despite laws aimed straight at these gangs they still defy the law and wreak havoc upon the territory that they claim. The members in the gang have a gang first mentality and will do everything possible to provide for and protect their fellow. Homeworkhelp4u reviews activity is certainly not a new phenomenon, but has been part of human history since Ancient Times Rome, Greece, the Middle Ages, etc.

In most countries, gang violence patterns the sociological development of society and the evolution of criminal college paper writing services reviews - as criminal activity becomes more sophisticated, so do gang activities. While most sociological theories tie gang behavior to youth violence, one can trace a number of changes in gang violence to the way organized. Gang involvement and its associated violent crime have become a rapidly growing problem for the United States.

Generally, gangs consist of young people of the same ethnic, racial, and economic background. Usually of a low socio-economic status, these gangs engage in illegal money making activities and intimidate their neighborhoods and rival gangs with violent crimes and victimization.

Gang members exemplify a high value for group loyalty and sacrifice. Gangs often target youth when recruiting. The average age of gang membership is 15 years old Our Initiatives-Gang Prevention.

As there power and membership increased gangs were being recognized in locations outside of their regular neighborhood. Some may be even closer than you think, for instance in your children schools, their playgrounds and even in some after school church groups. So everyone should take a part in trying to stop gang violence before it gets to be too late. In this paper it will be explaining, the most dangerous gangs, and interview and most importantly how to stop gang violence to make a better place for our future.

In the United States, the top most wanted gang is the Ms Gangs and Violence in the Prison System Introduction Gang violence is nationwide and is one of the most prominent problems in the prison system today. In recent years gang membership and gang violence have increased. Why are the youth in America turning to gangs and why has violence increased within the gangs? Is it based on their socioeconomic status within their neighborhood?

Is it the need to belong? Is it the need to establish who is in control of the neighborhood? Or is it the lack of good parental role models within the college admission essay on veteriany technican Functionalism is a framework that defines. Gangs and Teenage Violence A gang is a group of people who interact among themselves.

Teen violence is contributed to these gangs. Most gangs claim neighborhoods as their territory and try to control everything inside that territory. This kind of antisocial behavior is a major problem in American Society. Gang members are typical members of the same ethnic group. Fear and hatred for people of another race is called xenophobia. People who are victims of racism are often racists. When it comes to looking at a complex situation such as gang violence there are many factors that affect the reasons as to why people join gangs in the first place.

Whether it is due to poverty, peer pressure, boredom or despair Grabianowski. Gang violence can never be fully gotten rid of due to the. Youth gangs are groups of young people who assemble and often engage in criminal and illegal. Understanding Gang Violence Gang violence is an issue that has existed for many years and a problem that continues to exist in our society today.

According to, The National Gang Center, there is no clear way to define a gang, but one thing that characterizes a gang is a shared identity usually linked to a name or symbol. Inthere were. It will also depict the effects it has on societies, and individuals.

And the consequences gained both metal, and practical. Gang violence is an ever ongoing, and prevalent issue within the United States, and spreads through almost every ethnicity, and people. Gang Violence Gang violence. Gang violence has grown to be a great problem in El Salvador in the last 30 years.

Gangs have grown into large, complex organized crime units; the two largest gangs, MS13 also known as Mara Salvatrucha 13 and Barrio18 also known as Calle18now encompass large parts of Central America.

Both gangs rely heavily on local drug-peddling, which drives most of the general gang violence. The desire for control over certain areas had forged a fierce rivalry, in which civilians are often endangered when. Gangs and Violence in California This paper was done in response to an article that I came across in which a child was convicted as an adult for homicide.

The homicide was supposedly gang-related; the young child that was only 14 years of age was painted as an entrenched gang member. The solutions provided in this document are a response.

The community problem of gangs and related violence is prevalent all over the United States. Young people join gangs for a variety of reasons.

Some may feel isolated from their general school or social communities and search out the connections and community affiliation offered by gangs. Others are seduced by the importance attached to generally laudable qualities like loyalty and honor.

gang violence essay

In a gang setup, however, these are generally proven by violent or criminal activities. Some young people could. The Ending Gang and Youth Violence policy initiative is aimed at analysing problems with gangs and find intervention to tackle crime connected to young people.

It is focuses on preventing gang violence, finding pathways out, punishing offenders, working as partners with different forces and providing support to individuals who got in to gangs. The policy initiative aimed at tackling gang violence needs not only the police to play their role, but also other public service workers, like teachers.

Chicago police Commander Donald Hilbring states, "Gangs are everywhere. All throughout the city of Chicago, the suburbs, throughout the state, throughout the nation. Everyday an other report on the evening news relays the tragedy of a child accidently caught in gang crossfire. The image of black.

The group of authors wrote the article to show what gangs are capable of while they are out on the streets of Newark, New Jersey. Per the authors, having friends who identify as gang members of certain gangs makes you more likely to be a victim of a gang shooting. Summary The. Running head: Gang Involvement: Social and Environment Factors. Crime and Delinquency 60 4 Using the stereotypes of the American.

Introduction The reality of prison gangs cannot be over look. Many inmates join gangs for safety and protection during their incarceration. They also are governed by an established prison code. Research has shown that prison gangs have effects on non-gang members and the prison system. I will examine. Because of the social conflicts that are associated with gang membership, this paper will explore the different theories of social learning and both personal and control issues that relate to the recent surge in crime across Chicago.

As we open the doors of a crime ridden society, the truth begins to unfold. Gang Violence Essay. Crime and Gang Violence Essay spell check 7 Pages. Gang Violence: A Serious Problem Words 7 Pages. Gang Violence Essay Words 5 Pages. Essay about Gang Violence: Problem on the Rise Words 8 Pages. Gang Violence Essay Words 4 Pages. The U. This is done only after gathering evidence from police officials and the public.

Whenever the government gets close dissertation abstracts masters cracking down on the gangs, an issue involving civil liberties arises and prevents the laws to be passed. The way some of the dissertation objective enabled police officers to treat gang members and the hostile level violated some of their rights. Inthe Violent Crime Control and Enforcement Act of was passed and it tightened the choke hold on gangs.

It stiffened the penalties for crimes committed by gangs, so that the members would be less prone to break the law. The penalties for a gang member were much more severe than one for just an average person, even if the same crime was committed by both of them. If david nelson small exams dissertation penalties are stiffened, then they will be less prone to smuggle drugs and the drugs levels will go down. If drug trafficking can not be stopped, then there is no chance of slowing down gangs and the violence they create.

The solution to this problem will take time and effort but will work. More groups and programs have to be made in order to stop the drug smuggling and gang violence. If more localized programs can be formed, then smuggling can be cut down from area to area and over time, will disappear. Even though there was extensive research, only one program that was focusing on gang involvement in their area was found and it had been working efficiently so far IIMPACT.

This group is so successful because it requires the usage of town police, state police and federal police all working together.

gang violence essay

The information that can be shared from each level is key to success. A joint effort is always more successful than a singular effort. If different physics phd resume of government enforcement could join up and work together in states all along the border, the smuggling of drugs could be cut down immediately.

This combination occurring much more frequently can be the resolution to the problem that has needed to be solved for so long. The main problem can be seen lying within the gangs but the actual problem revolves around the American educational institutions and the environments that kids are provided with.

The main problem with setting a lot of laws and enforcing them is that even if a kid is stopped from being fully involved in a street gang by sending him to prison, he will be more likely to join a gang in prison than out in the world because of how frequent prison gangs are.

By trying to prevent one problem, the laws would only cause another. Groups like the ACLU are trying to stop the problem before it arises and that really is the best possible thing that can be done in this situation. If the number of gang members goes down, then gangs will lose their power and influence over the surrounding communities.

Gang Violence Essay

This would cause there to be less drug smuggling occurring and the problem would gradually decline to a non-existing issue. If this country wants to stop the gangs, it needs help with dissertation writing outline completely cut off the smuggling and trafficking of drugs from Central America into the U. The information that was presented shows how much damage that the gangs are causing to the U.

This is very important because some of what is being done now and what can be done could be the solution to this enormous problem. Possible trends in the future will definitely be that more laws and acts will be proposed and whether or not they go into action, they will make a positive affect on trying to stop gangs in the U.

Gangs were first formed in the U. Also, it could make a large global impact because it would encourage other nations to crack down on gangs too. If the necessary steps are taken, the problem of gangs in the U.

Work Cited Barbour, Scott, ed. San Diego: Greenhaven, Farah, Douglas, and Pamela Phillips Lum. Arizona Department of Public Safety, Department of Justice, 7 Sept. Smith, Pamela K.

gang violence essay

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gang violence essay

From what I have read the researchers are saying that there is an increase in gang members every gang violence essay. In the suburban areas you are seeing the top gangs with more experience with the violence. The most aggressive gang members are the juveniles and immigrants.

gang violence essay

Drug involvement is a big number on the expansion of the gangs and the violence.


Gang violence essay