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personal statement of education

They have used a similar model to Amnesty International, and grown to become one of the most prominent international education programs with a university following and 11, volunteers. Have a look at their site for more information, at roomtoread. At the time of writing. CIEE have staff based in over 40 countries around the world and more than 60 study centers, and they have a pretty extensive list of open jobs on their site at http: Look around over at reliefweb.

HI are looking for an individual with a degree level and above in a related education field; knowledge and experience in special education systems and mechanisms, approaches to inclusive education, the development of teaching and learning resource materials for children who are blind or have visual impairment. Your accommodation and field travel will be covered by the organization, but you have to get to Beijing, and pay for your own health insurance and food expenses.

An example that might interest you is the position they are currently advertising, which involves working with children as an Administrator of the MK School in South Asia.

You will commit to working there for years if you accept the position. Not really religious? Here are some more positions that serve as excellent examples of the sorts of jobs out there for you. FHI is a nonprofit dissertation prospectus irish development organization looking for a Technical Specialist Literacy and Primary School Reading to provide technical leadership in the area of reading and writing skills development in primary schools.

You could study International Education, or simply Education. They will be less competition when applying for jobs, and you can always apply for more general jobs later if you choose to. The University of Jyvaskyla, Finland offers a M. And please note: What an opportunity! The M. There are three here to whet your appetite. The first one is the M. Graduates that completed this course are no working in international organizations.

The course focusses on both the developing and developed world, and research of a comparative and international nature. This program has an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary character and focuses on the multicultural school and education system in Norway and the South.

This 1-year program is flexible and classes take place at the weekends, and includes modules like Contexts, Understanding Learning, Approaches to Teaching and Investigating Student Understanding. Ready to knuckle down and make your dreams a reality? We can offer you professional help tailored to your specific situation. Get in touch for more information! All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

Up t o words: Up to words: Engineering Education, Management, Vietnam M. Statements of Excellence in Education. I want to help you get accepted to graduate school in education. Search by Degree, Field, or Country of Origin.

personal statement of education

Robert Edinger with Son Davy Dylan. Sample 1st Paragraph for the M. Degree in Educational Counseling, South African Applicant A woman from South Africa who is now becoming a permanent resident of the USA and working as an ESL instructor at a community college, I am now 30 years old and feel that I have the maturity and stability in my life to truly excel in graduate school.

The Humanitarian Side of Education Perhaps you studied education with a view to go into a humanitarian job. Click on picture. Visit Me on LinkedIn. Nevertheless, as I delve deeper into my work, I have become increasingly aware that the status quo of Chinese education has much to be desired.

The relatively backward education concepts and teaching methodologies have made it inevitable that Chinese education as a whole remains out of pace with the overall international education development. On the macro level, the existing Chinese education theories fall behind those of the United States.

Although Internet education has made considerable headway in China, it essentially remains another form of test-oriented education instead of becoming the true Internet education in the Western sense.

Personal Statement Of Education

On the personal level, I have encountered some practical problems in my teaching experience and although I can find ready solutions to some of them by consulting relevant works by Western educators, I am convinced that the most serious problems can be worked out only via a more systematic study program.

Under such personal essay for college applications, to pursue an advanced degree in education becomes a necessary condition for me if I were to seek further, more fruitful breakthroughs in my future teaching career and in my research in educational methodology.

In the rapidly developing 21st century, conventional mode of education, like most other aspects of social life, has come under great impact in terms of its concepts and its strategies. The pursuit for higher levels of educational development has largely transformed the educational value orientation of the general public.

The educational model that is centered on the cognitive and intellectual instruction has been seriously questioned. Greater attention has been devoted to the cultivation of well-developed personality and to the ontological status of the individual in education. Such issues as the internal studies of education science, scientific decision-making in education, and meta-education have also been increasingly engineering thesis help upon.

There have also been innovations in educational research methodology. The tendency has been to combine modern technology with humanistic research categories and with naturalistic research categories, and to organically integrate qualitative descriptions with quantitative descriptions. It is also important to carry out educational experimentations in which educational predictions are complemented by educational feedbacks.

Both the complexity of education and the complexity of human individuals have made the comprehensive application of diverse educational approaches necessary. Those new horizons are what fascinate me. The reason why I apply for the University of Massachusetts at Amberst is that it is the first state university with a time-honored history.

The School of Education in this university is quite prominent among its counterparts in the field. I plan to apply for a degree program in Instructional Technology or Educational Psychology, both of which enjoy unparalleled academic reputation in the world. My application for Instructional Technology is motivated by my strong interest in the application of modern science and technology, especially the information technology represented by the Internet, in the field of education and in the nature of a series of revolutionary changes resulting thereof.

Instructional Technology is a new discipline that has emerged as a result of the rapid development of modern communication technology since the late 20th century. It has tremendous potential for development and commercial application.

As for my motive in selecting Educational Psychology as another possible area of specialization in my degree program, it is my long-cherished interest that primarily counts.

personal statement of education

Almost every important new educational theory is derived psychological findings in one way or another so that educational psychology has subsequently developed into a fundamental subject for the science of education.

The tendency in the 21st century is to emphasize on the micro research of educational activities and against this backdrop educational psychology will be attached greater importance.

personal statement of education

In Instructional Technology, I would like to focus on the following studies: In Educational Psychology, I will concentrate on applied cognition and development, creative education, personality structure and individual differences and other related subjects.

For me, to pursue an advanced degree in education in the United States is not so much a challenge as an opportunity.

personal statement of education

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personal statement of education

Look no further! A personal statement is a chance for admissions committees to get to know you: You need to sell the admissions committee on what makes you a worthwhile applicant.


Personal statement of education