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master thesis artificial intelligence

The emphasis is on practical techniques—and a solid theoretical background—for designing and constructing intelligent systems, enabling graduates from this course to apply their skills in a variety of settings.

These skills are in high demand in the market. Follow our Facebook group. This program is addressed to national and international students who wish to acquire advanced knowledge in AI in order to occupy positions of responsibility in industry, the public sector and academia in Catalonia, Spain or abroad.

The program covers many research areas related to the design, analysis and application of AI. If you continue browsing, it is understood that you accept our cookies policy. Skip to main content. Upcoming defenses. Curriculum Syllabus Competences Competences for degree subjects.

An interesting setting is that of multiple agents that collaborate and communicate to behave intelligently. This involves understanding each others goals and perceptions, and planning actions collaboratively. Knowledge Representation When humans reason about the world, we identify objects, we make categories of such objects, and we reason about the relations between the things in the world around us.

How can we represent such knowledge in a computer, in such a way that a computer could reason about the world around it in a similar way? The field of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning aims to represent knowledge in such a form that a computer system can use it to solve complex tasks such as diagnosing a medical condition or having an intelligent dialog in a natural language.

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master thesis artificial intelligence

Knowledge representation and reasoning uses logic as its main mathematical tool, and tries to answer such questions as: Which logics are suited for reasoning about space and time? How can we deal with uncertainty and vagueness? How to reason about changes in the world around us? Knowledge Representation techniques are used in many practical applications.

Examples are expert systems for medical diagnosis, decision support systems for judges, and intelligent dialogue systems such as Siri on the iPhone. Natural Language Proces Technology Over the past few years, research towards natural language processing has shown strong evidence as to the effectiveness of models that involve both hierarchical structure as well as statistical learning from corpora. In this profile you will study the state-of-the-art statistical models for complex language processing tasks such as parsing, language modeling and machine translation.

A characteristic of some of these models is that they involve defining probability measures over hierarchical structure, e. The profile covers supervised as well as unsupervised methods for learning these models directly from large training corpora and provides the necessary background for research in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

Data Mining The course will provide a survey of basic data mining techniques and their application for solving real life problems. A number of successful applications of data mining will also be discussed: Career Prospects. Job Prospects Examples of positions our alumni currently hold are: Why VU Amsterdam? Pioneer in developing intelligent systems This programme is a pioneer in the development of intelligent systems.

Some recent examples include: Semantic navigation on overheid. Tuition fees. Cognitive Science, Socially Aware Computing. Current research topics. Structuring information How can you bring structure to the information on the internet?

Is it possible to make the internet smarter and more personal? What turns information into knowledge? Introducing structure, so that the computer can do something with it. But how do you generate the right knowledge? And how do thesis statement for cause and effect essay make sure the computer knows what to do with the information presented?

Master in Artificial Intelligence

Learning from data There are millions of hard disks full of information reflecting our cambridge essay service review. What can you learn about the real world from that mass of digital information? Student Experiences. Two teachers and a little luck More or less by accident I came across a project in Berlin. Three months in Berlin Eventually I spent three months living in Berlin. Fascinating summer school The research group I was working with holds an annual summer school, which I was allowed to attend during my project.

Lifelong memories I would recommend studying abroad to anyone. E mate. Dutch Students Admission Requirements. Some of the programmes are open to students who have a Bachelor, Drs or Master diploma in Computer Science, Psychology, Biology, or Law obtained at a Dutch institute or university of quality recognized by VU Amsterdam.

Some of the programmes are also open to people with other diplomas, University or HBO, who are kindly invited to contact us if interested in following a Master programme at our Department.

master thesis artificial intelligence

What does this mean now for students? You may have to adjust your study plan.

master thesis

The project can be done within Utrecht University or in a research-and-development department of a company or research institute, or at a foreign university. When done within the Utrecht University, the final thesis project is carried out in close collaboration with the teaching staff of the AI programme. The student is expected to actively participate in the relevant research activities of the teaching staff. The thesis supervisor monitors the progress and advises the student in regular meetings.

Visit the " MSC Project Artificial Intelligence " page for comprehensive information on the procedures for finding, carrying out and finishing your thesis project. New setup of final thesis project for students starting on or after 1 September For students starting the master programme on or after 1 September the final thesis project will be renamed to "Research part" and will consist of the following four parts:.

In many cases, order essay online cheap research project may be carried out outside of the university, in the form of an internship at a company or research institute.

The Master Thesis AI is a mandatory part of the master programme, worth 42 or 36 EC, in which you conduct research at a high level. The Master Thesis project takes place at one of the research institutions at the UvA or at an institution or company outside the university.

master thesis artificial intelligence

In order to start your project properly master thesis artificial intelligence will have to find a supervisor and set up a timeline. In consultation with your master thesis artificial intelligence you will have to write a brief project description, which will be included in a so-called Master Thesis contract.

master thesis artificial intelligence

This contract will help provide structure regarding all matters concerning your Master Thesis project. The Master Thesis project of students who started in or earlier should be worth 42 EC.

master thesis artificial intelligence

Master thesis artificial intelligence