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dissertation history warwick

The ruling has thus been made on the basis of equity. Prof Tim Lockley Office: Here is additional style guide advice courtesy of Prof Roberta Bivins This module will allow students to undertake a substantive piece of historical research and produce an article-length essay at the end of it.

The schedule for determining and communicating your dissertation topic and the module upon which it is based is as follows: All students, including Renaissance Stream students, must complete a online statement by the end of week 2 of term 1, which will include: Please check the list of Dissertation module codes to ensure that the right module code is used.

Dissertations are to be submitted online to Tabula by 12noon on the Wednesday week 2 of the Summer term term three. They should be anonymised, with only the student number on the title page. No hard copy is needed.


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dissertation history warwick

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dissertation history warwick

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dissertation history warwick

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dissertation history warwick

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Dissertation history warwick