law personal statement

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law personal statement

I would like to become a solicitor and believe that a law degree will significantly aid me to achieve this goal. Statement rating: Its a good personal statement. You clearly have a dedication for the subject. Anyone who takes part in karate knows that blackbelt is not the highest standard, and you certainly couldnt reach the highest standard possible in 10 years.

law personal statement

I find it very hard to believe you actually took part in this activity so i question some of your other claims. This personal statement sounds as if you have totally stereotyped yourself and told the admissions tutors what you thought they wanted to hear. If you had been yourself and been more truthfull you may have had an offer made from the other universities. They do read personal statements all day everyday as a job, so they can smell a desperate liar a mile off. This is a good effort for a personal statement.

I think this person has put a lot of effort into this staement and deserves success in the future, well done. If you have reached a grade that essay about my school in karate in your somewhat short life then i am the angel of the north. You are clearly very talented and have many achievements like head boy, excellent GCSEs, a black belt in karate though black belt is not the highest grade as i have one and know there are at least 8 kinds you can get depending what form of karate you do!

Its a shame the universities did not recognise your talents. You would have benefited if it were written better with more form and structure. Are you kidding me? I know you want to be a lawyer and everything, but get over it. Also, another flaw is justifying your desire to study English by your ambition to be a lawyer. Most courses at the top universities, the kinds you applied for, teach Law in a more theoretical, academic manner. Indeed, many students read Law to satisfy and challenge them academically, and go on to find a career in other fields.

So yeah. Not a good idea to repeatedly reinforce the fact that reading Law at uni will help you to become a lawyer.

You should have spoken about yourself more, perhaps, in an academic capacity.

Law personal statement

Explain WHY you found the depiction interesting, etc. Hope I helped other people looking to write their personal statement. This is a good personal statement - and kudos on getting into reading and exeter. However, it does give a lot of good points and it has clearly been worked upon - a little more structure, and focus on key areas, and i dare say nottingham, warwick and Oxford would have jumped at the chance of having you.

Hey, there are sum parts of this personal stements that i like and i appreciate how much effort this person may have put in to it. But to me, they tied a bit too hard to impress, resutling in the statement sounding unnatural in parts. Just be your self! I am sorry but I do not believe this statement deserves praise. Firstly, after attempting to digest this lengthly and heavy matter I saw it could not be done, alongside with the inconsistent english.

One wrong english sentence and thats it for Oxford, and you made many more than just one. It was more than clear to me that although you may really want to be a solicitor, you have purposely tried to impress the universities with a great sense of unorginality in your approach.

Try to have expanded on other interests. Be truthful. You did not read Dickens because of his portrayal of a courtroom. Did you even go past your first draft? I find this ps very interesting, and it serves a very gd example for me I find very interesting the fact that this person uses past experiences with the subject!

Thank you!!!! I think some of the comments here are really very harsh. Whatever happened to support and guidance? Personal statement review is not a competition to find out how YOU would have done it better of course!

Stating that this person is a "desperate liar" is completely out of order. University admissions tutors are not God. And finally to the person who rather boastfully asserted that "my parents are both lawyers" and that their parents were disgusted or whatever by the use of the word "ambience": People have a right to apply wherever they want, and at least people like this guy are a refreshing alternative to all the clones quoting Jean-Paul Satre and the like, vying for a place at Oxbridge.

I concede that this personal statement has faults, but constructive criticism is all that is needed. No-one in their right mind would say on their PS that they picked up Dickens "because" of this. I looked at this PS while writing my own. Apart from that it is a good PS, as it is to the point and holds most of this information that the administrators are looking for.

I does seem a bit braggy, but excentuating your positive points is never a bad thing, aslong as you dont get too cocky. Indeed, It was very stupid of you to write "highest grade blackbelt" anyone who does martial arts can tell that this is a huge exageration of truth if not a lie. However, wha Law is the predominant overarching factor in defining the stability of our society. My fervent interest in Law developed whe I am interested in studying essay writing language law degree after attending the local courts to observe law in action.

I was intrigued by the r Human experience reveals that everything is governed by systems. We observe that nature, for example, follows its own proced The mora Firstly, I sat in on When I feel someone has been wronged, I have an overwhelming urge to say or do something. Law is significant to everyday life past, present and future. Laws are fundamentally essential for humanity to function, they are the cogs in the machinery of society.

I experienced this The society we live in relies on the enactment of intricate laws and policies; the realisation of this fact made me want to Law is a timeless subject, using a book critique example range of acts made thousands of years ago to tackle the most current of issues.

When discussing my future aspirations my family and friends ask me, why international Law? International Law is no longer so Law has been an interest of mine ever since I was a child.

Children often change their career choice from day to day; howeve The case of R v Dudley and Stephens [] first ignited my fascination for criminal law.

law personal statement

The case involved defendants choos Growing up in an area of relative deprivation, with its consequent criminality, has consolidated my decision to study law. My drive to read law is exemplified by my constant need to challenge existing norms.

I was fortunate enough to harness and d I believe that all humans should have; the right to life, freedom from slavery, the right to education and all the other rig Communication, debates, opinions and current issues, what immediately comes to mind when you hear these words?

For me its La Speaking to people who have studied Law and Business at University themselves was the start of my interest in this degree co I come from a country that boasts of a great and ancient civilisation, a country that gave the world many important inventio Law is the foundation of our society and is found in every aspect of our lives.

The diversity of working in law is especiall I want to study law at university because it is a subject full of significant questions and it pervades every aspect of our I strive to be a changemaker in life - working to bring about real improvement to lives and therein lies my motivation to st As a working-class woman and an ethnic minority, I want to prosper despite the prejudices of society through the ultimate co My desire to study law stems from my interest in its ability to create and respond to societal change.

A case today is effec Since choosing to do Law at A level I have known my goal is go to university and study a Law course. I am particularly inter Coming from a Hispanic background, alongside an inclination to question everything, is why Dissertation proofreader wish to study Law with Hispanic Law is a fundamental part of our society in that it ultimately shapes our character and continuously intertwines itself to o What attracts me to Law and Politics the most is the potential they have to both drive and hinder social progress when hand Unafraid to question the legal implications of current affairs, my desire to study law as an educational discipline began wi Law is a complex and ever-changing subject with the ability to transform society.

law personal statement

I have long been intrigued with the inner I remember sitting on my living room floor, eyes barely blinking taking in the movie playing out in front of me with my mout My decision to study Law was never difficult to decide.

The legal system, in the UK and throughout the world, is the key reason order is kept within society. Laws protect citizens My aspiration to study Law at degree level originated at a Law Taster Day at a local university, which both extended my know

law personal statement

My attraction to law originates from my interest in justice and rewards. Human behaviour is always alternating law personal statement law It is being observed that the law on parliamentary today is too vague, and very prone to abuse.

law personal statement

Hence, the nebulous definiti Life is a constantly changing maze, where the question of right or wrong defines acceptable modes of behaviour. However, wha

law personal statement