how to write a speech about mistake

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how to write a speech about mistake

Not saying a word about it to my parents, I started living with Kelly at his house in Help essay writing uk. Everything went well and after a couple of months I found out that I was expecting his Here are some tips on being assertive.

Use a strong voice Stand up straight Remain calm Be positive and honest. Want Help? Here are some help lines to contact and call if you need help. Kids Help Phone www. Know the facts. Drinking and doing drugs may seem fun at the time but you will regret it once you know the truth. Drinking Physical problems such as liver damage, heart and blood disorders, and brain damage Emotional problems such as depression or relationship and family problems Social problems such as poor work performance, financial troubles and legal problems Drugs Physical signs may include a red, chapped and runny nose Psychological signs of regular use include poor school and job performance and increase preoccupation with buy the drug Short term affects include increases blood I remember thinking I already knew all there was to know about the real world.

So, I continued to have fun with my friends without thinking of what the future had in store for me. Now here I am at the age of thirty-three and I realize how much easier my life would have been if I listened to the wise words being told to me by my mom, dad, and mostly from my grandmother.

High school should be a time to spread teenage wings, growing up from children into young adulthood. When most kids were shuffling themselves from class to class, taking notes, flipping through pages of boring text books, I was nowhere to be found. Instead I was hanging out in the parking lot. My activities included swapping gossip from other delinquents. Instead of learning the periodic table of elements, I learned the basic chemistry of illicit drug use. I earned my unofficial degree in General Education by majoring in Street Smarts.

During this time, my family raised their efforts in trying to encourage me to go back to school. Everything to me has to be perfect because I felt that if one person made a mistake the first time, how they would be able to do anything. That is why learning from mistake is impossible to me. When you make mistake and try to learn something from your mistakeyou will waste lots of things, ruin the way that people look about you.

how to write a speech about mistake

In addition, learning from mistakes will make you regret much. First of all, learning from our mistakes will waste you lots of things. You will waste your time because you have to do again everything that you did in the wrong way.

It seems too hard to start something again which is done one time already. By doing again, you will feel bored and tired. Not only doing it over, but also, you have to find where you did it wrong and give yourself a lesson in order to prevent from making that mistake once more.

Studying in this school is an example. If you failed, you had to spend 16 weeks in fall or spring semester and 8 weeks in summer semester. You have to study again. In addition, learning from your mistake will waste your money. Failing in this school is an instance. You have to spend lots of money on the subject Many of us article in the paper taught not to be afraid of making mistakes in life.

It is said that through those mistakeswe grow as people and learn how to improve the situation. In contrast, we can learn from our successes, but we usually will continue in the same direction to maintain the positive situation. However, only certain type of personalities will be educated more by mistakes than successes. That is, those who are resilient and not easily defeated during difficult times will more often eventually profit from making mistakes.

We can learn more from our mistakes because we are forced to reassess the situation and make changes to turn the situation around. For instance, I received a bad grade on a test and was determined to strive for higher scores in the future.

When I think about future implications of a poor transcript and re-evaluate my priorities, I will make changes in my life to make way for better scores.

These changes may include modifying study habits, quitting my part-time job or even spending less time with friends. When I am determined to reach a goal after making a mistakeI often learn something useful in the process.

On the other hand, being successful shows that one is already doing the "right thing" and does not need to change. More determined personalities, however, would be able to continue making changes in order to keep up Learning from our mistakes is part of being human.

For example, when one learns a new language, It takes time to produce the language correctly and accurately. We can notice many mistakes and errors during practicing and producing a language; but as we identify the mistakes made and learn from it, we become more proficient in that language.

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Learning from Mistakes(Speech)

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how to write a speech about mistake

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How To Write A Speech About Mistake

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how to write a speech about mistake

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how to write a speech about mistake

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how to write a speech about mistake

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