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views on homework

My pet peeve is the extra questions or challenges thrown in at the end of a homework sheet.

Views On Homework

It may seem harmless — a good exercise in independent learning, even — but parents have a one in three chance of this ending well. It appears I can no longer do long division and multiplication. Cheat sheets — where teachers share their method defense contract dissertation parents — would be really useful.

There are now excellent internet tutorials on many academic subjects; sending us links to these if they use the same methods would be extremely helpful. Last year, when my youngest was studying operations of arithmetic Brackets, Operation, Divide, Multiply, Add, Subtract, or BODMAS to mehis terminology was so different to mine, I had to email his teacher to confirm that I had remembered the method correctly. Her availability to me was much appreciated — I know teachers have a life outside of school.

The kids may have five or more lessons a day but problems arise when subject-specific teachers all give homework on the same night.

views on homework

After all, time management is a life skill we all need. New information My pet peeve is the extra questions or challenges thrown in at the end of a homework sheet. Nearly half 43 percent of the respondents said "no," 39 percent said "yes," and 18 percent were unsure.

Asked whether homework assignments should give students practice using a new skill multiplication, for example or require complex performances, 77 percent of the respondents said "both are worthwhile. Here are selected comments from the survey respondents: They need to be kids and play. Then let them go home and play soccer, read a book, or hang out with their friends. It reinforces skills and knowledge that have been part of daily instruction.

It allows parents and teachers to work in a collaborative way, the parents providing encouragement for students to complete their assignments. Homework also is a means of enlightening parents as to what specifically is in the curriculum of the school. I endorse it wholeheartedly. Schools should emphasize to parents and students the significance of homework assignments.

I have a much more effective class going this year. One study shows that even eighth graders can learn as much from short assignments completed in the classroom as from longer cornell phd thesis sets taken home.

views on homework

A major benefit of homework, the newsletter found, is that it leads to communication between parents and the school. Student Attitudes Vary Widely. Not surprisingly, research on homework suggests that attitudes of students toward different types of homework vary widely.

A study of Australian schools by Frank Coulter found that students completed more of their assignments when teachers made it central to the work of the course, collected it routinely, spent time reviewing it in class and wrote it down rather than announced it orally at the end of class.

The researcher also found that high school students were greatly influenced by whether they regarded the homework as useful and interesting. Social studies assignments, for example, tend to be completed more regularly than those in English.

views on homework

Unless the rewards are clear and attractive, many teen- agers simply will not participate. Value Seen for Slower Students. At the high school level, research suggests that homework can change dissertation slower students a chance to compensate for deficiencies. The problem, though, is that teachers of less successful students tend to demand little outside work.

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views on homework

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AN article of faith among current educational reformers is that American schoolchildren do not do enough homework.

views on homework

The obvious corollary is that more homework will lead to higher achievement. Both of these assertions have now been challenged in the first issue of The Harvard Education Views on homework, a newsletter intended to synthesize the research on current educational topics.

views on homework

Views on homework