i need to type a paper

You will use these codes to edit your work. The format is actually the design of the paper or the rules that determine the layout.

i need to type a paper

Spacing, pagination, placement of title, the use of a title pagethe use of footnotes, these are all elements of the format. Your teacher will tell you what she requires or prefers in the layout. The margins of your paper will be set automatically by the Word program. The program provides for the typical one-inch margin on the sides and on the top and bottom of your paper. If you are using MLA form typical for most high school assignmentsyour paper will not need a title page unless your teacher asks for one.

Your teacher will probably require your paper to be double-spaced. Double space between these lines. Then select OKAY. Double space after your title to begin typing your text. To indent your first line, use the TAB button.

As you type your paper, you may need to place a footnote at certain places to provide a citation for your information. You can move footnotes around by cutting and pasting the numbers. The order will change automatically. It may be necessary to stop your text in the middle of a writing dissertation services and start fresh on a new page.

You are 3 steps away from an A for your essay Check our advantages. Easy to choose. Easy to use. Easy Navigation. Your Account. New order. Personal info. Log out. In this Article: You will often be asked to write research papers throughout school. These papers are academic and require you to gain knowledge on a topic or subject. You will then formulate a point of view on the topic which you can argue and support through your research with sources, statistics, data, and examples.

Most often, you will have to format your paper for the MLA standards. However, some papers which are more scientific and data heavy require an APA formatting. Both styles have some similarities when it comes to the actual typing of the paper. These similarities include 1-inch margins on all sides, page numbers, double-spacing, and point font. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 8 references.

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Sometimes when you are assigned a research paper you are given a specific topic to write about. If you are given a more specific topic, you can and should still brainstorm a specific angle for that topic to research. Eisenhower, or the contributions of a specific branch of the military. Gather your information. Once you have your angle for the paper, do some research.

Go online and research your topic. Encyclopedias both in print and online are also good sources. When finding information, make sure to stay on your topic as best as you can. Government sites with a. However, even the information on these sites should be cross-checked with other information. Write down your sources so that you can easily go back and find information. Look for information that is found in multiple sources.

If you are doing a research paper on Dwight D. Do not rely on Wikipedia to be a reputable source. Many teachers will not allow you to cite Wikipedia as a source. Since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, there is a chance that information is incorrect. However, you can use Wikipedia to gather basic information in the early stages. Check to see if this information is reliable by going to the source site that the info you found on a Wikipedia page came from. You can then use that source to check your information.

Consider interviewing someone. Interview someone who is related to the topic. Avoid interviews with family members, unless your family member is an expert on your topic. You can still ask this person for anecdotal information. It may not be useful as a concrete fact in your paper, but may help you find an angle, or give you an idea on what type of information to research.

i need to type a paper

Contact your professor and ask if there are other teachers at your school who may be experts on your topic who you can talk to. Contact institutions who may be able to help you as well. Explain your purpose for getting in contact and ask if you could speak with a doctor to get information.

State your thesis. Before typing your research paper, you need to come up with a good thesis statement.

i need to type a paper

Your thesis statement is your point of view on your topic. It will express one main idea that covers your topic. Your thesis statement should be an objective statement which can be argued by a reasonable person.

Using Microsoft Word 2003 to Write a Paper

To help you come up with a thesis, turn your topic or assignment into a question which your thesis can answer. Eisenhower, formulate a question to narrow your topic. Write a tentative MLA Style outline. Writing an outline will critique of a journal article only help the actual writing of your paper but will help you to stay on topic. An outline makes a difference in how your paper is structured and interpreted by the reader.

Unless otherwise instructed, following the standard MLA format is a great way to structure your outline. MLA Modern Language Association is a commonly used format for structuring your papers in your word processor.

It dictates your margins, spacing, font type, etc. At the top center is the title of your paper. Below, on a left indent, is your introduction.

The end of your introductory paragraph typically contains your thesis. Each paragraph is denoted by a Roman numeral in your outline.

On your first line, start with a complete sentence that expresses the main idea which supports your thesis. Here you write a phrase that represents what you offer as proof from your research to support this main idea.

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i need to type a paper

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i need to type a paper

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I need to type a paper