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Включая распечатку аудиозаписей, исправления, обработку текстов, стенограммы и корректуру. For this purpose, the section needs strengthening to provide revision, simultaneous interpretation in Kinyarwanda, proofreading and control of documents and typing services.

Для этого штат Секции следует усилить сотрудниками, которые обеспечивали бы редактирование, синхронный перевод на языке киньяруанда, корректуру документов и контроль за ними, а также машинопись. They explained that at this point, a consolidated set of ten substantial Chapters totalling over pages of material, including around concrete best practice examples and case studies from across the region is available and undergoing final proofreading. Они пояснили, что в данный момент готова сводная серия из десяти основных глав в общей сложности более страниц, включая около конкретных примеров оптимальной практики и тематических исследований из всех частей региона и в настоящее время они проходят последнюю корректуру.

It was informed that a re-profiling of the current functions of the Language Assistant posts, coupled with new tools for certain functions, including proofreadingwas expected narrative essay introduction mitigate the post cuts. Он был проинформирован о том, что перепрофилирование существующих функций должностей помощников по языковому обслуживанию в сочетании с новыми средствами обслуживания некоторых функций, включая корректурудолжно позволить смягчить последствия сокращения должностей.

Office of Conference and Support Services temporary assistance, translation and proofreading. Временный персонал УКВО, письменный перевод и корректура. Quality Assurance System operated and maintained by the Lingo Translation Agency requires obligatory proofreading of the translations. Система контроля качества Бюро переводов "Линго" Киев включает обязательное редактирование переводов.


For your convenience, Lingo Translation Agency also offers francesco sottile phd thesis number of additional language services: Для Вашего удобства Бюро переводов "Линго" Киев предлагает ряд дополнительных лингвистических услуг: You can use the Translators mailing list to ask for proofreading.

Подпишитесь на список рассылки для переводчиков, чтобы узнать, может ли кто-нибудь вам помочь. There will be reduced capacity in copy preparation and proofreadingreproduction and distribution. Сократятся возможности по техническому редактированию и корректуреразмножению и распространению документов.

Our Translators can also perform a proofreading of your texts and documents. Наши Переводчики предоставляют также услуги по вычитке и редактированию текстов и документов. Шматко Наталья Анатольевна Лаборатория экономики инноваций: Политика Центра академического письма: Общая информация. Консультации проводятся носителями языка, которые имеют большой опыт в редактировании академических текстов разных жанров. Консультанты помогут выявить типичные ошибки и сделать текст более понятным для англоязычной аудитории.

High-Quality English Proofreading & Editing Services for All Academic & Scientific Papers

Консультации являются для сотрудников бесплатными. Формат сессии ограничен 60 минутами, необходима предварительная регистрация. Согласно образовательной политике Центра академического письма. Информация для слушателей. Накануне занятия слушатель получает письмо, подтверждающее дату и время сессии. Менеджер центра постарается максимально сократить срок ожидания, которые не должен превышать 2 недель.

The first is to re-read a proof within its deadline and in the department itself. Thus the manager will read from the same copy that the first reader saw, and be aware of any volume and deadline pressures the first reader was under, and can directly observe the individual in real time.

This approach can also be followed as a matter of routine. The goal then is not to confirm a specific suspicion of poor job performance by a particular reader, but rather to confirm a general assumption that the proofreading staff needs ongoing monitoring. The second approach to informal testing is to wait for some days or weeks and then, as time allows, randomly select proofs to re-read while outside the department.

Such proofs may or may not be accompanied by the copy pages that the proofreader saw.

Перевод "proofreading" на русский

Proofreading cannot be fully cost-effective where volume or unpredictable workflow prevents proofreaders from managing their own time. Examples are newspapersthermographic trade printing of business cardsand network hubs. The problem in each of these environments is that jobs cannot be put aside to be re-read as needed. In the first two cases, volumes and deadlines dictate that all jobs be finished as soon as possible; in the third case, jobs presently on-site at the hub are hurried, regardless of their formal deadline, in favor of possible future work that may arrive unpredictably.

Where proofs can programmatically [ clarification needed ] be read only once, quality will randomly but persistently fall below expectations. Even the best and most experienced readers will not be able to be consistently accurate enough to justify premium pay. Production technology can also moot the need to pay a premium for proofreading. In the example of thermographic business-card printing, even when there are no reprints, there is considerable wastage of paper and ink in preparing each of the press runs, which are separated by color.

When as often happens there is unused space available on the platethere is no increase in production cost for reprints that use that space. Only when reprints are so numerous that they push production staff into significant overtime would they increase costs. But significant overtime is usually the result of a high volume in new dissertation writing introduction using up the eight-hour day. In such industries proofreading need only — and can only — make a marginal difference to be cost-effective.

Only where workload volume does not compress all deadlines to ASAP and the workflow is reasonably predictable can proofreading be worth a premium wage. Inflexible deadlines mandate a delivery time, but in doing so they necessarily do not mandate delivery before that time. If deadlines are consistently maintained instead of arbitrarily moved up, proofreaders can manage their own time by putting proofs aside at their own discretion for re-reading later.

Whether the interval is a few seconds or overnight, it enables proofs to be viewed as both familiar and new. Where this procedure is followed, managers can expect consistently superior performance. However, re-reading focuses responsibility instead of dividing it as double-reading and copy holding, both described above, do and obviously requires extra effort from proofreaders and a measure of independence from management.

Instead of managers controlling deadlines, deadlines control managers, and leeway is passed to the proofreaders as well as commensurate pay. The term proofreading is sometimes used to refer to copy-editing, and vice versa.

Although there is necessarily some overlap, proofreaders typically lack any buying a dissertation hard editorial or managerial authority. What they can do is mark queries for typesetters, editors, or authors.

To clarify matters at the outset, some advertised vacancies come with a notice that the job advertised is not a writing or editing position and will not become one.

Creativity and critical thinking by their very nature conflict with the strict copy- following discipline that commercial and governmental proofreading requires.


Thus proofreading and editing are fundamentally separate responsibilities. In contrast, copy editors focus on a sentence-by-sentence analysis of the text to "clean it up" by improving grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and structure. The copy editor is usually the last editor that an author will work with. Copy editing focuses intensely on style, content, punctuation, grammarand consistency of usage. Under these conditions, proofreaders tend to see only what they want to see.

Digital proofreading has taken many forms in recent years, such as assistive software and grammar checking tools that have made locating and correcting errors very convenient for writers of all kinds. These systems are at present unreliable. As well, new cloud computing developments such as Google doc editing services have allowed for real-time editing and proofreading that can be done for clients while they watch the process, thus helping them to improve their writing.

Nannetti read over a "limp galleypage", thinks "Proof fever". For documents that do not require a formal typesetting process, such as reports, journal articles and e-publications, the costs involved with making changes at the proofreading stage are no longer as relevant.

Proof-editing tends to exist outside of the traditional publishing people who do homework for money, and usually involves a single stage of editing.

Proofreading is the reading of a galley proof proofreading an electronic copy of proofreading publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art.


A proof is a typeset version of copy or a manuscript proofreading. They often contain typos introduced through human error.


Proofs are then returned to the typesetter for correction. Proofreading somebody does the proofreading for another person they also like to read first for themselves and then for other people so they can also understand the meaning. Proofreading is when a person wants to read first what they have written into their Newspaper, documentation paper, etc.