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same sex marriage argumentative essay

Homo-sexual couples are unable to reproduce children. However, a percentage of homosexuals or lesbians already have children from previous relationships. Also, there is the choice of having a sergeant or adoption. There are many children in adoption agencies waiting for a place to call home. I am not in favor of gay marriage. Marriage is a bond, commitment, union and legal contract for living together for rest of the life.

All the religion in the world has described that marriage is between different genders. In United States marriage is regulated individually by States and all State has its own rules and regulations to implement marriage Laws. Women can give birth to child, not man, so God has created both of us in such a way that Man have to married to women for having children.

The debates over same sex marriage have been a long term conversation. As homosexual couples began to insist on recognition, some nations took the issue onto their policy agenda. But there are some arguments whic are against same sex marriage. According to social constructionist thought, this hostility to same sex marriage is not because of internal logic, but because of cultural attitudes Eskridge,p.

However, this is not a satisfactory reason. Same sex marriage should be legal. One of the arguments against same sex marriage is that homosexual relationships or marriages damage the institution of family.

Functionalists argue that custom literature review papers are one of the most important institutions and they are the core of societies. Yet, for the sake of the system, families have to be with a man, a woman and children. All of these individulals have different responsibilities within the family. Women are house-keepers, men are bread-winners.

And they also have different responsibilities on parenting.

Same Sex Marriage Argumentative Essay, with Outline

So, according to some theorists, same sex couples fail in parenting. Because of these gender oriented situations, states have doubts about legalizing Questions about Same - Sex Marriage Since the rise of a national discussion about marriage rights for same - sex couples, many straight friends and family members have been asking important questions about the issue.

This section provides some basic answers to those questions, such as: Why do same - sex couples want to marry? Many same - sex couples want the right to legally marry because they are in love many, in fact, have spent the last 10, 20 or 50 years with that person and they want to honor their relationship in the greatest way our society has to offer, by making a public commitment to stand together in good times and bad, through all the joys and challenges family life brings.

Many parents want the right to marry because they know it offers children a vital safety net and guarantees protections that unmarried parents cannot provide.

Homosexuality is often compared to various sexual deviations as well. Moreover, for most religions, it is inacceptable and may cause conflicts in society. Summing up, there are lots of arguments for and against; however, some of them are myths or inaccuracies. The point is that rights of all people should be respected and nobody can be singled out for their statements or sexual orientation.

Let us assume that you may neither support nor oppose the idea of gay marriage. How should you develop the topic in this case? We are going to consider a few handy suggestions and facts which can help you to state your neutral point of view and, at the same time, to provide quite a fulfilling review of such controversial issue.

There is no doubt that the marriage between two people of the same sex is a risky question to answer it very definitely. Besides, you may be not very aware of the issue or even not interested in it. Surely, you should not include statements like these in your essay. However, you can stay frank and just write that you personally are neither for nor against legalization and the very phenomenon of the gay marriage. In order to sound less careless of the subject you should muse over and yet how to write an admission essay 000 word informed pay to wright an essay it generally, you should take into account all the ideas that are put forward by those who do and do not support same-sex marriages.

So, you can search for several different opinions, describe and analyze them, and then explain why none of them is powerful enough to make you take one particular side.

same sex marriage argumentative essay

You should remember that there is actually nothing bad about you if you have not come up with your own clear and definite view on this matter. No joking!

same sex marriage argumentative essay

You can look through the Wikipedia article dedicated to this topic and see the real statistics. Definitely, you are not the only one who has such neutral attitude to the issue discussed. However, even if your nearest and dearest, your friends and favorite teachers also stick to neutrality, you still should not refer to them.

Instead, you can take the trouble to search for the opinions of respected scientists in the Net and use them as quite a solid base for yours. Also, you can base on reliable and widely known online media sources, as they usually present either the statistical data, the results of real surveys or just quote the words of sociologists, psychologists, doctors and other specialists. Still, you should forget about the two opposite sides of the argument, so even though you are neutral, you cannot but consider how these two sides protect their positions.

Despite the fact that you do not consider yourself either an adherer or an opponent of the idea that two personal essay eating disorders or two girls can live a happy family life and raise adopted children, still there should be some reasons for your neutrality. It is really worth expressing them in your essay, as they can provide really valid explanation of why your own position.

same sex marriage argumentative essay

However, you should not forget about the main tendencies concerning the issue. Let us set a few examples:. Legalizing same sex marriage would allow each couple to be on the same health plan as well as claim rights to belongings and inheritance.

Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

If married heterosexual couples have these rights, so should homosexual couples Brumbaugh, In opposition, it is argued that allowing same sex marriages would change the nature of parenthood. Marriage is seen not only as a commitment of two people, but also as a form of procreation. It is a known fact that in order to procreate, both a man and woman are needed.

It is disputed that by allowing same sex couples to marry would also allow Intercultural Marriage Intercultural Marriage " Argumentative Ess Gay Marriage Argumentati This argumentative essay on Gay Marriage will Argumentative Essay On Li

One issue that I have with it is that marriage is for procreation and when there is a couple of the same sex there is no natural way to reproduce. Reproduction is what we were created to do as humans by God.

same sex marriage argumentative essay

There is no logical way for a couple of the same sex to reproduce children into existence with adding science into play. Of course there are some couples hat look to artificial insemination, but that is same sex marriage argumentative essay God and doing something k12 homework help is very unnatural.

There has been search conducted on how raising a child in a heterosexual as opposed to a homosexual home and this research was conducted by William Means dean of the College of Social Work at Ohio State and Jonathan Reach writer in residence in the Government Studies program at the Brooking Institution.

same sex marriage argumentative essay

Same sex marriage argumentative essay