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doctoral theses

Theses are protected by the Copyright Act New Zealand. The thesis may be consulted by you, provided you comply with the provisions of the Act and the following conditions of use: Any use you make of these documents or images must be for research or private study purposes only, and you may not make them available to any other person.

Authors control the copyright of their thesis. View more. Toggle navigation. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. The Process of Immerssive Photography: This thesis constitutes a practice-led, artistic research project that asks: What are the issues that must be dissertation iowa universities when photographing land, such that one might express an immersive, embodied, spiritually-attuned Increasing levels of morbidity time spent in poor health and the failure of the current In recent years, many natural and human-made disasters have occurred, destroying urban and rural areas worldwide.

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Although teacher written feedback on student writing has become a central topic for second language L2 writing research, investigations into it have mainly focused on the surface-level errors of student writing. Almost finished with your degree? This one-stop checklist helps you keep track of everything you need to do to graduate. Dissertation front matter should be in the following order. Required sections are indicated in bold while optional sections are italicized.

The title page should be a separate page and no longer than one page. All content on this page should be centered horizontally and vertically. Keep in mind that the title must be able to fit on the spine of a bound manuscript. The acceptance page should be a separate page and no longer than one page.

The page must be signed by all members of your committee. No proxy, electronic, or copies of signatures are permitted. If you choose to copyright your dissertation, you should include a copyright page. The copyright page should be a separate page and no longer than one page.

doctoral theses

Depending on your personal inclination, you may wish to include a dedication, a preface, or a set ap english thesis help acknowledgments. The latter are designed to recognize people or agencies to whom you feel grateful for any academic, technical, financial, or personal aid in the preparation of your thesis.

As a matter of courtesy, you would ordinarily mention the members of your committee here, as well as institutions that provided funding or anyone else who helped. Only the dedication itself should be on the dedication page; no title should appear.

Acknowledgements and Prefaces pages should have a title. Try to convey the flavor of your work, not just the bare bones of your findings. You should also work to phrase your title so that it truly describes the contents and will be easily found in the index of the database. The index is based on key words, so be as specific as you can be about your subject. Have your entire committee sign the page at the defense and submit the entire signed abstract to the University Graduate School.

Doctoral thesis

Add an entry for your curriculum vitae CV to the table of contents. The CV should be the last item in your dissertation and listed last on the table of contents. Since CV pages should not have a page number, the table of contents entry for it should note only the presence of the CV at the end with no page number indicated.

Include lists of tables, figures, appendixes, abbreviations, or other supplemental materials, if appropriate. Your CV should be in the same font and have the same margins as the rest of your dissertation and should not describe your home essay your home address, phone number, nor any page number.

doctoral theses

Please list your PhD degree as completed in the same month as listed on the title page. Students who place an embargo on their dissertation must submit a bound copy to the UGS for inclusion in the Wells Library. The bound copy must be printed on paper that meets the following requirements.

Be consistent in font style throughout your dissertation. The following font styles are recommended for the ease with which they convert to a PDF. All dissertations have to be converted to a PDF in the electronic submission process. The material should be double-spaced.

doctoral theses

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doctoral theses

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Doctoral theses