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examples of article reviews

Alexander Peterman is a Private Tutor in Florida. Article Writing Critical Reviews. Learn more. There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Understand what an article review is. An article review is written for an audience who is knowledgeable in the subject matter instead of a general audience. Article reviews present more than just an opinion. You will respond to and use ideas, theories, and research from your own studies.

Your critique of the article will be based on proof and your own thoughtful reasoning.

examples of article reviews

It typically does not provide any new research. However, if you are correcting misleading or otherwise incorrect points, some new data may be presented. Think about the organization of the review article. Before you even begin reading the article you will review, you need to understand how your article review will be set up. This will help you understand how to read the article so that you can write an effective review.

Your review will be set up in the following parts: Summarize the article. Focus on the important points, claims, and information. Discuss the positive aspects of the article. Think about what the author does well, good points she makes, and insightful observations. Identify contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the text. Find any unanswered questions left in the article. Preview the article. Begin by looking at the title, abstract, introduction, headings, opening sentences of each paragraph, and the conclusion.

Then read the first few paragraphs, followed by the conclusion. Then read the article in its entirety. When you read the first time, just read for the big picture that is, look for the overall argument and point the article is making. Look up terms or concepts you are unfamiliar with so you can fully understand the article.

Read about concepts in-depth to make sure you understand their full context. Read the article closely. Read the article a second and third time. Use a highlighter or pen to make notes or highlight important sections. Highlight the main points and the supporting facts. Put the article into your own words. You can do this as a freewritten paragraph or as an outline. Start by putting the article in your own words.

Focus on the argument, research, and claims the article makes. Make sure to include all the important points. It is pivotal that you are accurate. This is just for your own benefit. Write an outline of your evaluation. Review each item in the article summary to determine whether the author was accurate and clear. Write down all instances of effective writing, new contributions to the field, as well as areas of the article that need improvement.

Create a list of strengths and weaknesses. The strength of the article may be that it presents a clear summation of a particular issue. Its weakness may be that it does not offer any new information or solutions.

Use specific examples and references. For example, the article might have incorrectly reported phd thesis business process management facts of a popular study. Jot down this observation in your outline and look up the facts of the study to confirm your observation. Think about the following questions to help you critique and engage with the article: What does the article set out to do?

What is the theoretical framework or assumptions? Are the central concepts clearly defined? How adequate is the evidence? How does the article fit into the literature and field?

examples of article reviews

Does it advance the knowledge of the subject? Part 1 Quiz What should you include in an article review? Research from your own studies. A summary of the main ideas. All of the above! Come up with a title. This title should reflect the focus of your review. Decide between a declarative title, descriptive title, or interrogative title.

examples of article reviews

Cite the article. Under the title, place a complete citation of the article in the proper style. For example, in MLA, a citation may look like: Duvall, John N. Identify the article.

Start your review by referring to the title and author of the article, the title of the journal, and the year black belt essay publication in the first paragraph. For example: Write the introduction. The introduction of the article review will have the identification sentence. It will also mention the central themes of the article and the arguments and claims of the author. Sometimes, the thesis has multiple points.

The thesis may not be clearly stated in the article, so you may have to determine the thesis yourself. Express the main points, arguments, and findings of the article in your own words, referring to your summary for assistance. Show how the article supports its claims. This may be done in several paragraphs, although the length will depend on requirements established by your instructor or publisher.

Write your critique. Use your outline of opinions to write several paragraphs explaining how well the author addressed the topic. Express your opinion about whether the article was a clear, thorough, and useful explanation of the subject. This is the core of your article review. Identify any biases. Academic Assignments Writing an Essay. Writing a Research Paper. Writing a Review.

Writing Guides for Students Writing a Memoir 2. Creative Writing Guides Writing a Song 3. Writing a Letter Writing an Evaluation Letter 3. Writing Essentials. Grammar Handbook. Article Review Samples Reviewing an article is not as easy as it sounds: Login Username Password or login with.

Register Username Email What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other or login with. Forgotten Password? For this purpose, avoid mentioning the information that your reader is already familiar with. This is the core of the review. Check with your summary and describe how well the topic is covered in the article. Here you assess how clear and insightful the article is.

If you have spotted any bias, you should mention it. Also, you agree or disagree with the author and ground your opinion. You conclude the main body of your review by suggesting your reader what exactly they can bring out from reading the article. Remember to stick to the point and make sure that there is no unrelated information.

This is where you briefly restate the main points of the article, as well as your judgment as to how well-written and important the article is. You can also make a suggestion as to the direction for further research on the topic. If possible, put your draft aside for a few days or at least hours, after which give it a fresh look. Pay special attention to typing and spelling errors, grammar and punctuation, and of course the factual data.

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Step 2. Plan your work on the review You should know exactly how you will be writing your article review before you even read the article in question. The article review outline usually goes like this: Free price quote.

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Article Review: Improve Your Writing with Pro Tips and Examples

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Feel free to quote selectively from the article, especially if the author has a particularly pithy turn of phrase.

examples of article reviews

Your examples of article reviews review should include in paragraph, essay form but not necessarily in this order:. The voices calling for an end to development are becoming more numerous and audible.

examples of article reviews

Arturo Escobar Development as Discourse: Is Development Destroying the Third World? Escobar, Arturo.

examples of article reviews

Examples of article reviews