paper on oedipus

Destined to kill his father and marry his mother, Oedipus was guided by fate. As a baby, his parents learned of his destinyand gave him to a shepherd to be killed. Since he had to carry out this destiny, however, Oedipus survived and wasadopted by the king and queen of Corinth, Thebess neighboring city.

Unaware those were not his real parents, Oedipuslearned of his destiny and thought he could change it by running away from Corinth. Unfortunately, his prophecy, aswarned by the Oracle at Delphi, was absolute and would inevitably come true. On his was to Thebes, Oedipus, began fulfilling his destiny. He gets in a fight with some men in a carriage and in self-defense kills all except one. One of the dead men was Laius, king of Thebes and Oedipus father.

The only survivor was theshepherd, who 20 years before was the one building a resume template was supposed to have killed Oedipus. Shepherd- Then from Laiushouse thats where its from.

They say it was actually his own. But the queen inside could probably explain. Meanwhile, the city of Thebes was beginning to fall apart. A sphinx had come into town, and everyone coming in had toanswer her riddle. If they didnt answer it, she would eat them. Destined to solve the ancient riddle and free Thebes,Oedipus became a hero.

The citizens made him king and he marries Jocasta, the widowed queen and Oedipus mother.

paper on oedipus

Here he unknowingly fulfilled another part of his destiny. Twenty years pass as Oedipus and Jocasta rule Thebes. The gods were disgusted that Oedipus, having killed his naturalfather, was not exiled or killed due to bloodguilt, and strike a plague on the city.

The citizens go straight to their kingthinking he will save them as he did before. Oedipus says he will work day and night until he finds the man who killed theformer king Laius and seek revenge upon him. Oedipus- For who knows, tomorrow this selfsame murderer may turn hisbloody hands on me.

paper on oedipus

The cause of Laius therefore is my own I am resolute, and shall not stop till with Apollos help all-blessed we emerge, or else we are lost-beyond all purge. After much talking with the messenger and shepherd, Jocastaand Oedipus both realize the truth. Oedipus- Lost! Ah lost! At last its blazing clear. Light of my days, personality essay dark.

I want to gaze no more. My birth all sprung revealed from those it never should, Myselfentwined with those I never could. And I the killer of those I never would.

Jocasta realizes everything she has done, andso she hangs herself. Oedipus was so disgusted with everything that he takes pins and pokes out his eyes so that he isblind. When he goes to Hades he doesnt want to be able to see his mother and woman he married, or all the deformedchildren they had together. Oedipus downfall was primarily the result of king Laius and his own actions and attempts to defy the gods.

After alleveryone went through to try and change the fate of Oedipus told by the Oracle, everything still played out as it wassupposed too. The Greeks believed strongly in their gods and that nothing could be done to change what was alreadydestined to happen. This idea of fate has existed for a long time and still exists even today in our minds and lives. Get now! Home Documents paper on oedipus.

Post on Apr views. Documents 0 download. However, thanks to the pity of the killing perpetrator, the infant was given to a shepherd of Corinth and adopted by Corinthian King Polybus. His decisive actions help him to free his people from the plague of the city.

Similar actions at a place where three roads met and other travelers ran him off the road, and his hasty actions of revenge led to the death of his father, King Laius.

He did not realize at the time that this man was his father who had given him to a shepherd for protection when he thought that forces threatened the infant child. Oedipus wanted to control his fate but did not know that this was not possible. Although he is somewhat responsible for his actions that contributed to his downfall, the responsibility for this tragedy is definitely placed on the gods.

Paper On Oedipus

It is unfortunate that Oedipus would not realize that there is no control over fate until it was too late for him. The Trial of Oedipus the King - This book report will include the formal speech of Oedipus, in which he outlines the charges brought against him, and offers a defense for those charges. Greek Epic Research Papers - It is also to be noted in greek epic research papers that strong women can be found in northern sagas, in Greek tragedy e.

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paper on oedipus

Sophocles works are the best examples of ancient tragedy, as Aristotle defined paper on oedipus in his Poetics: Tragedy is areproduction of serious and complete action using sophisticated language different in different parts of the tragedyacertain amount of which is reproduced not only by telling the story, but also by acting it provoking regret and fear, thuscausing catharsis purification of such emotions.

Sophocles abandoned the principle of trilogy with linked parts: The maincharacteristics of the Sophocles paper on oedipus are the complexity of the composition, abundance of theatrical effects,focus on the main character, the use of tragic irony, etc. In his Poetics Aristotle considered the Sophocles play the ideal tragic work and such that played a huge role in the historyof ancient drama.

Its main hero was a man who realized his guilt and executed himself for it.

paper on oedipus

Paper on oedipus