how to fill out a personal statement

If you can not estimate the Fair Market Value, give the purchase price and write on the form that this was the purchase price. Next to Mortgagelist the unpaid balance on the mortgage. If the answer is a negative number, make sure to put a minus sign before the number. The Fair Market Value is the price that great term paper could get for the car if you sold it today. List the amount unpaid on any car loan.

Subtract the amount unpaid on the loan from the Fair Market Value to get the Equity. To estimate the value of your furniture, estimate what you would charge if you sold the entire contents of your home today. This is a rough estimate. Liabilities are debts. Here you must list all of your debts. For each debt you must list:. You have the right to an interpreter. You may be able to get free legal help from your local legal aid program. Or email a question about your own legal problem to a lawyer.

How to Fill Out a Financial Statement. Show Endnotes Hide Endnotes. What Is a Financial Statement? Personal Information Part 2: Itemize Deductions from Gross Income Part 4: Adjusted Net Weekly Income Part 5: Other Deductions from Salary Part 6: Net Weekly Income Part 7: Weekly Expenses Part Assets Part How to Use This Article This booklet is written so that it corresponds to the different sections and letters on the Financial Statement.

What Information Must You Include? Gas and electric bills for the past 3 months. Telephone bills, for the past 3 months. Most recent mortgage statement, deed or other document that states date of purchase, purchase price and lot number, if you own how to start writing a dissertation house or land. Tax returns for the last year. Top of the Form Write your county on the line next to Division.

Part 1: Personal Information Fill in all of the information requested. Part 2: Gross Weekly Income for All Sources Here you need to provide information about your weekly income before taxes are taken out. Base pay from salary and wages: Give your current salary. If your salary changes from paycheck to paycheck, give the average amount for the past 3 months. Self-Employment Income: If you are self-employed or own a business, you must fill out and attach a form called Schedule A, Monthly Self-Employment or Business Income.

This form is also available at the court. Social Security: Line k: Line k has three check boxes: Check each that applies and put the total weekly amounts on line k. Public Assistance: Rental Income: If you get income from rental property, you must fill out and attach a form called Schedule B, Rent from Income-Producing Property. This form is available at the court. All other sources: This includes child support payments, alimonyand any other income not listed in a through p.

Again, if these payments change from time to time, figure out the average weekly amount. Total Gross Weekly Income: Add together all of your income in lines a to q.

Part 3: Itemized Deductions from Gross Income Here you need to provide your weekly deductions from gross income. There may also be a separate Medicare deduction on your pay stub. If the amount of FICA is different on your pay stubs over the past year, you need to figure out the average weekly amount by adding up all FICA deductions over the past 12 months and dividing the total by Part 4: Adjusted Net Weekly Income Subtract line 3 f from line 2 r to get your adjusted net weekly income.

Part 5: Other Deductions from Salary Here you need to provide information about the weekly amount of all other deductions that come out of your salary. Part 6: Net Weekly Income Subtract line 5 e from line 4 to get your net weekly income. Part 7: Gross Yearly Income from Prior Year Here you need to provide your gross yearly income before taxes from the prior year.

Part 8: Weekly Expenses Read through all the categories a-s and think about what you will put under each category. For example: Assets a Real Estate: Next to locationlist the address. Part Liabilities Liabilities are debts.

For each debt you must list: Then figure out what the total amount of the weekly payments for your debts would be and put this on the second line. If you have been unable to make the payments, write "0" or "none. Sign the form.

The words saying, "I certify under penalties of perjury" mean that you swear that all the information you have written down is true. If you do not tell the truth, you can be punished by the court. If you are representing yourself, write "pro se" in the blank above "Signature of Attorney. You are really great! I enjoy working with you.

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how to fill out a personal statement

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How to Fill Out a Financial Statement

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how to fill out a personal statement

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Fill out the SBA Form Personal Financial Statement - Free Template

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how to fill out a personal statement

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how to fill out a personal statement

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How to fill out a personal statement