sociological perspective essay

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sociological perspective essay

In order for this theory to be successful, the individuals in a society need to believe everything is in their best interest. In this modern age, this seems nearly impossible. We will write a custom essay sample on Sociological Theories of Unemployment: While that is a harsh approach and contradicts the functionalist theory, it does not entirely count it out.

Functionalism states that everything does have its own function in society, but each of these functions are up for interpretation. In terms of unemployment, however, functionalism does not account for any changes that are made in society. Functionalists believe that unemployment serves a purpose in society and that it plays its own part.

For all those who are or have been unemployed, it is hard to see how it can possibly be good for society. Check out more great essay samples online at Altheadlines! Unemployment creates so much misery and further increases the write my literature review of stratification.

Those in the underprivileged class have to rely on government handouts, which only creates further poverty as those people struggle to make ends meet.

This in turn affects the family structure by adding extra money pressures. We need the divisions to make sure there are people to cover all types of places in society…and that is the functionalist perspective.

Another sociological perspective on unemployment is the Conflict Theory. Conflict theory is a body of ideas including Marxism. Marxism claims that economics determines the nature of society; its politics, religion, law, and culture. Unlike the idea of functionalism, there is a conflict of interest. People have different goals and purposes. They will use whatever means to gain this, even to the detriment of others in their society in order to attain their specific goals Kendall The idea of Marxism supports the theory that those with more power and money have the ability to gain a higher level of services, such as education and healthcare, therefore creating a greater level of stratification in society.

Stratification, by definition, is the division in a society based on class, wealth, or other differentiating factors Social stratification. Stratification, particularly in the workforce, creates a tremendous amount of conflict because those who do not have the means to get the services they need, turn to other deviant methods to get what they need. Conflict theorists see unemployment as more evidence of those in a powerful or privileged position taking advantage of others.

Power is the emphasis is an employment situation. While employed you have a certain amount of power, both over fractional order controller thesis work environment and your own life.

Once a you become unemployed, however, you become powerless, desperate for any source of an income. Once in this position, an individual is likely to take a job which is below their capabilities and for less pay. The difference in class and standing continues to increase. Those with money have the luxury of waiting for a job that strikes their interest, not just a job to make minimum wage.

sociological perspective essay

They can wait until an appropriate job comes up or they can further their education to improve their position even more. Economically, the world is entering into a new phase in which fewer workers will be needed to produce the goods and services for the global population. However, life has changed, globalization and feminism have had a huge impact on the work environment all around the world.

Technology has also made many jobs easier, yet very, very similar. Because of these changes, unemployment has become an issue all around the globe. The government views the unemployment situation as an individual problem. However, because of this, more and more training is being provided, particularly within the education system.

Unemployment affects our society in so many ways. The four main institutions it affects are family, education, health and government.

Sociological Perspective

Unemployment places added financial and mental strain on any family. The lack of income can cause many families to have to live without the basic necessities that we take for granted. They then need to turn to welfare agencies in order to survive. Circumstances such as this can turn in domestic violence incidents, alcoholism, gambling, and even suicide. Unemployment has such a wide range of affects on family life. When someone is hit with the burden of unemployment, they may lose their standing as both a provider and member of their community.

Each of these aspects further increases the impact of unemployment. Unemployment also affects education. The comparison between public schools and private schools is already a hotly argued issue. It is a struggle though to pay for books, uniforms, excursions, camps and other school activities. If unemployment suddenly becomes a factor, the issue becomes even harder.

Changing schools in job application supporting statement examples is a difficult thing for a child to go through, and for a student who has been enrolled in a private education their entire life, switching from the curriculum of a private school to that of a public school could be quite a shock to them.

Unfortunately, however, the unemployment rate does not accurately portray just how many people are out of work; only those who are registered as looking for work.

The government provides welfare and training for the unemployed but fails to see the bigger picture. The government also creates stratification by having different payments and services for different races, rather than basing services provided on an individual needs basis. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

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sociological perspective essay

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sociological perspective essay

Sociological perspective is a way of looking at the world through a sociological lens Ferris and Stein 9. Sociologists use sociological perspective as a tool to understand human life in sociological perspective essay. The following practices may be helpful in understanding sociology and thinking sociologically. Structural Functionalism is a paradigm that begins with the assumption that society is a unified whole that functions because of the contributions of its separate structures Ferris and Stein

sociological perspective essay