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research paper on drinking age

People master thesis uu igitur favor of lowering the drinking….

Lowering of the Legal Drinking Age Research Paper "Adults under 21 are able to vote, sign contracts, serve on juries, and enlist in the military, but are told that they are not mature enough to have a beer? No matter what is done, teenagers and young adults all over America are going to drink if they want to. An alternative to…. The movement called Amethyst Initiative began recruiting university presidents to provoke national debate about the drinking age.

However, there are those who remain persistent in their requests to drop the drinking age to a slightly lower option. Opposition to the legal drinking age of twenty-one has shown to have some support from mostly younger groups of people, without much validation as to why a lowered drinking age would be beneficial to our country as a whole. Yet, there are still some interesting arguments for those in favor of dropping the age at which it is legal to drink to eighteen.

Consider how many young adults choose…. Research Paper Drinking Age. The legal drinking age refers to the youngest age at which a person is legally allowed to buy and consumes alcoholic beverages. The drinking age varies from country to country. Here in the United States the legal drinking age is twenty-one. There has been much debate on whether the drinking age in the United States should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen.

People in favor of keeping the drinking age at twenty-one believe that there will be less alcohol related injuries and deaths from vehicle accidents, as well less alcohol abuse among teens due to binge drinking.

research paper on drinking age

On the other side, people in favor of lowering the drinking age believe that since turning eighteen is considered an adult one should entail the rights and …show more content…. Out of 12, drinking and driving fatalities in the Unites States, 1, were caused by teen drinking and driving. It is also proven that most drivers forget to use their seatbelts after consuming alcohol.

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of deaths among teenagers. Young people generally get into more car crashes while under the influence because of the fact that they are drunk and inexperienced with driving. Sincean estimated 24, lives have been saved due to implementation of the minimum drinking age. Better Essays words 3. Alcohol is a substance that is very dangerous and if you used incorrectly or immaturely the consequences can be a great danger to the users or the ones around them.

The recent discussions regarding drinking are about whether the legal drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen. This controversial issue has been specifically relevant to college students because drinking has become a big part of college life and can be found all over college campuses Strong Essays words 3. Many people argue that the age restriction provides a safe environment for all citizens; whereas others disagree that the law creates an untrustworthy aura among teens Strong Essays words 4.

For example, in England, the law states that at the age of 16 you are allowed to have alcohol if an adult is present, and at the age of 18, it is legal. They have created a system that to me, seems pretty similar to our driving laws. You can drive with a parent before you can drive on your own. This system of learning with our legal guardians first teaches us how to be safe, to dissertation report the rules, and to act responsibly.

These lowered drinking age laws can also be applied to the American ideal that at the age of 18, we are legally adults Better Essays words 2. Now, all males will need to go down to your local post office or online and signup into the Selective Service System.

Unfortunately, this is your first obligation to society upon turning eighteen in the United States. Therefore, when the next draft is implemented; numbers will be drawn calling them up to serve their country in time of war.

research paper on drinking age

As for the women, joining the service, is on a volunteer basis I agree with Professor Engs not only because of his credibility and experience with college students and drinking, but because I am a college student myself.

According to various surveys taken in the last few years it is not. So what should we do about the drinking age limit should we leave it as is and hope for the best, or should we take action and find a solution to this issue.

One of the big issues people what with lowering the drinking age is the increase in fatal traffic accidents Drinking culture, Legal drinking age, Alcohol law]. Some for fun or maybe even from peer pressure.

It is true that we cannot stop them, but does that mean we should make it legal. Byall states had set 21 as the minimum drinking age. He changed the law for a very specific purpose; to prohibit drinking to those under the age of Lowering the legal drinking age does not reduce drinking only puts young adults at risk Strong Essays words 4 pages Preview.

Final Raising the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Will Ensure a Better Future A current debate on the minimum master thesis event marketing drinking age MLDA in the United States has had many age groups fighting hard for their side after there had been rumors stating that the current legal drinking age of 21, would be further raised to Truth or a hoax? Strong Essays words 5. Making one this law helped the controversy of every state having a different legal drinking age go away and made the law more fair.

The current law for legal drinking at the age 21 is inconsistent and contradicts itself However, sometimes growing up takes a wrong turn when illegal substances are involved such as alcohol. Underaged drinking increases the risk for academic failure, and illegal drug or tobacco use.

Underaged drinking also increases the risk for crime, health problems, and master thesis telecommunications. Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Legal drinking age]. Better Essays words 4. After the prohibition in the legal drinking age was either set or lowered to the age of 18 in states such as North Carolina, New York, Florida and a few others.

There are both pros and cons to lowering the legal drinking age. Drinking culture, Alcohol law, Legal drinking age]. If it were not for the lack of education of alcohol abuse, many of the accidents could be prevented.

The U. In our society we see many young teenagers that begin to drink at an early age of They want to experience it without knowing the health risk factors that are associated with alcohol.

There are many problems occurring because of alcohol abuse. In America the misuse of alcohol causes many teenagers to experience alcohol poisoning, alcohol dependency in the long run, and accidents Lowering the Legal Drinking Age]. Good Essays words 5. It only makes sense that if the adults are drinking, then the teenagers are drinking too. The country has been allowing the young kids to drink since they were five, in private areas, and sixteen in a public place.

Although the law has been approved before, some people think that it should not be legal for such young children to drink. The legal drinking age should be at least 18, because children that young are still developing and alcohol has many negative effects on the body Legal Drinking Age]. Problems such as underage drinking, binge drinking, and drinking and driving are only a few of the many issues faced among teenagers.

S has done little to try to control these issues writing stories online are happening every day.

The United States is constantly evolving and so should its laws. Much has changed since these laws were established decades ago; It is time to create laws that are more up to date with the current way of life Teenagers seem to be consuming alcohol with no regard to the legal age.

Drinking underage can lead to many problems but these problems can potentially be resolved by lowering the drinking age. Taking a look at some of the myths verse the realities will help grasp why the drinking age to consume alcohol is legally The purpose of an informative genre is to help your audience develop better knowledge and understanding about the subject that you are presenting.

An infographic helps to fulfill this purpose by using graphics and other visuals to portray the information.

In my case, I used this infographic to help attract the attention of young adults and other registered voters Supporters of the current drinking age say that lowering it to 18 could effects the health of scores of young people in the U. Drinking culture, Legal drinking age, Adolescence].

Research Papers on the Legal Drinking Age

The current policy that the United States has in effect criminalizes youth who consume alcohol at less than twenty one years of age. Master thesis on robotics Papers words 5. The drinking age is 21 because the powers that control our government decided that when one becomes 21, one is magically transformed into a responsible person capable of handling the burden that comes with the right to consume alcohol.

The drinking age is too high in this country. Why enact laws to prohibit an act that will be ignored by many of our peers. The opposition may say that the higher drinking age discourage teenagers and young adults from consuming alcohol Free Essays words 1.

Unfortunately, many fail to adhere to the laws put in place to ensure proper use and often fail to recognize their benefits. One law, in particular, being the legal drinking age. In the United States, the minimum legal drinking age is Powerful Essays words 4. Later on in life, it recorded that they had liver disease, frontal lobe disorders, as well as short-term memory loss. These same problems are happening on college campuses as well all over the U.

Drinking culture]. The legal drinking age is twenty-one in some parts of the United States. This requirement makes it illegal for any minor to purchase alcohol or even drink it. In some states like Virginia, South Carolina, and South Dakota, the legal drinking age for beer and wine is eighteen, but liquor can not be consumed by a person until they are twenty-one. Alcohol consumption by minors is often looked down upon in our society.

This should not be the case, though Drinking culture, Law]. Inthe U. Congress passed the law defining the minimum legal drinking age to the age of 21 throughout the nation.

research paper on drinking age

Although my personal view on this issue is that, I strongly believe the United States should not lower the drinking age to If anything I feel that Congress should consider raising the age to Alcohol is a drug that impairs your ability to function, and it can be harmful to your health and the outcome could be pernicious Drinking culture, Alcoholism]. The enactment of the law saw the United States get into a group of four states in the world where the legal drinking age is above 18 years with the other three countries being Japan, South Korea, and Iceland.

In the recent past, arguments have been advanced on whether the legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to eighteen years or remain at 21 years Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Binge drinking]. That is 30 years of the legal drinking age being 21, why change that now. Paglia, along with others believe the consumption of alcohol should be a choice. An individual should be able to dictate what they drink and how much they drink, regarding all types of beverages, including alcoholic ones The drinking age was raised to 21 after the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of and it withdrew funds for roadways of states who did not set their drinking age to 21 1.

There have been modifications for this law per individual states. For example, 45 of the 50 states have made some modification to the drinking age, that being allowing a lowering if under the right conditions Problems that can arise from young children not be mature enough to handle their decisions can prove to be detrimental But for young people who want to drink, the minimum legal drinking age is 21 years old, mainly refers to the liquor and drinking in public places Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Adult].

Debates have gone back and forth between what is right and what is wrong regarding the drinking age. At the age of 18 we are considered as adults and are able go to war for our country, buy tobacco, vote, and even though we have been given these rights, we have yet to be given the right to drink alcohol.

When an individual first turns 18 they are then allowed to join the army. Young men at this age are required to equations homework help for the draft within 30 days of their birthday Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture]. Lowering the drinking age will help slow the need for programing and bring the college fake ID business to a dead stop Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Youth].

In some counties there is no legal age, however in others the, legal drinking age is extremely high. Because the age restriction is different all around the world, it leads to an immense debacle.

Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol law]. People consume alcohol for many different reasons: Alcohol targets different culture, gender and ages english letter writing for school students people. It is incredibly simple for a teenager to find a way to attain alcohol. Even though it is illegal, it is available for their disposal through liquor cabinets at home or even older friends who buy it for them Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage].

Better Essays words 4 pages Preview. Traffic fatality rates for decades have continuously declined even before the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed. Also, the fatality rates and the minimum legal drinking age for each individual state does not correlate enough to draw a concrete conclusion from, therefore showing no real effect. The improvement of technology in cars and hospitals along with the improvement in driving education explains the decline in traffic fatality rates.

Looking at what research has shown, it is clear that raising the legal drinking age would significantly decrease the overall occurrence and prevalence of teenage drinking.

While this reality seems quite clear, the next issue that must be addressed is what should be done when teens below the legal drinking age are found drinking. Undoubtedly, the answer to this question is yes. Underage Drinking Laws - American underage drinking laws date back to aroundthe year after Prohibition was repealed. Eighteenth Amendment - Eighteenth Amendment research papers discuss prohibition and the government making alcohol illegal via the United States Constitution.

Alcohol Abuse - Alcohol abuse research paper discusses the affects of alcohol on the body. Effects of Alcohol - Effects of Alcohol Research Papers delve into how alcohol effects the nervous system, and other various long term effects.

Along with the argument that the minimum legal drinking age helps to prevent the consumption of alcohol in youths, many who do not support lowering the legal drinking age also claim that young adults with developing brains also have a higher rate of becoming addicted to binge drinking.

research paper on drinking age

They also claim that the alcohol being consumed interferes with the development and growth of their mental stability, cause memory loss, interfere with decision research paper on drinking age, and assist in creating a more violent lifestyle Drinking culture, Legal drinking age]. Better Essays words 3.

research paper on drinking age

Alcohol is a substance that is very dangerous and if you used incorrectly or immaturely the consequences can be a great danger to the users or the ones around them.


Research paper on drinking age