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research paper of autism

They want very little human contact with anyone. They may not even smile or lift their arms in the situation of being picked up by a parent like a baby without autism would. They may not form a bond with the parents and also may not show any or little anxiety toward people that they do not know. Individuals with autism may not learn childhood games such as peak-a-boo or other such games of that nature.

Speech Problems A child with autism may not speak at all. Sensory Problems A child with autism may ignore objects or become obsessively attached to them. Many of these individuals may react to sounds differently, doing things such as banging their head or waving fingers in the air. Intellectual Problems Most autistic children appear to be moderately mentally challenged. They may giggle or cry for no reason, have no fear of real, impending danger, but exhibit terror of harmless objects.

Interdisciplinary Professional There are many places a person with autism should go, depending on the severity of their case and what symptoms they are being affected by. If they have speech problems then a speech therapist would be a start. Therapeutic Recreational Specialists can help develop programs that will help them create co-ordination and hopefully some social skills, but it all depends on the individual and the symptoms that are dominant in them. Treatment Unfortunately, there is no current cure for autism.

Treatments are aimed at minimizing specific symptoms. Because the symptoms that someone may have very a lot from case to case, there is no single approach to a treatment that is universal. Individuals may be trained in music, listening, vision, speech, and language, and senses. Special diets and medications may also be prescribed. With proper treatment, people with autism can improve significantly in their lives. The two most often studied types of treatment are:.

Educational or Behavioral Treatment Behavioral related treatments are used to help the child respond to decreased symptoms. This may include positive reinforcement to boost language and social skills. The training may include structured, skills-oriented instruction made to boost social and language skills. Training needs to begin in the early stages of life, since early intervention appears to influence brain development.

Most experts in the area of autism believe that modern treatment is most effective if it is carried out in the home of the individual, although the treatment, correcting graduate thesis company treatment may also take place in a psychiatric papers of chemistry, specialized school, or day care program.

Medication There is no single treatment that has yet proved effective for the major features of autism However, a variety of drugs can control self-injurious, aggressive, and other of the more hard to control behaviors.

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Alternative Treatments Many parents of autistic children may also consider the Megavitamin Therapy. Some studies have shown that vitamin B6 improves eye contact and speech and this vitamin also treats tantrum behaviors. It causes less can someone do my coursework for me effects than other medications and is considered safe when used appropriately by the individual.

However, not many health practitioners advocate its use in the treatment of autism, citing that the studies showing its benefits were flawed. DMG Dimethylglycine This compound, found in many health food stores, is legally classified as a food, not a vitamin or a drug.

Some researches say that it improves speech in autistic children. Those who respond to the treatment will usually do so within a week of starting the treatment. Again, many of the doctors do not feel that the studies are adequate to advocate for this treatment. Exercise Vigorous exercises 20 minutes or longer, three or four days a week seem to decrees hyperactivity, aggression, self-injury, and other autistic symptoms. Risk Factors There are many risk factors associated with autism.

People who have had a traumatic birth, due to complications of a natural or maybe environmental factors, such as rough doctors, may cause a child to be autistic. When there is a history of allergies in the family, there is a better chance of someone having an autistic child. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or low thyroid in the mother may also cause a autistic child to be born to the mother of the child. When there is a history of chronic problems, including constipation, chronic diarrhea, or reflux in the family, the children of people in this family are at a greater risk of being born with autism then if there was no history of it at all.

research paper of autism

History of an extended immunization reaction in the family also is a risk factor for a child being born with autism. There are many risk factors that can contribute to the chances that a child will be born to a family and be autistic, but there is no way to prevent some of them. If we could only lessen the factors that are related to someone having an autistic child, then we could really cut back on the number of autistic births worldwide.

But for now, all we can do is educate people on what the risk factors are and hopefully decrease the number of children that are born with the disorder. Assessment The assessment of a child suspected to have autism consists of many parts. Observations of the individual at school or day-care, depending on where the child is at their stage of growing, and also a number of different settings at these places. Discussions with staff in the above settings will help you to find what the child was like in the past before your presence at the facility, letting you know if they have changed personal statement graduate you have be brought there or if they are still the same.

Formal assessments either in the above places or in the home of the child to determine how they react to you on a personal level as a stranger, and to see if the parents have any input to behaviors that they may have noticed in the past of lately that can be attributed to autistic behavior. An extensive interview with the parents or caregiver of the individual expected to have autism.

This should not take any longer than hours and should be done in the home of the people involved. Remedial Activities There are many activities tailored to the special needs that an autistic individual may have. For example, if a child is extremely intelligent in math, but may lack social skills, then maybe a program tailored to meet the needs of this individual could have a bit of math involved, because they enjoy math, but also try and incorporate social interaction into the activity, slowly at first, but as time goes on, add more and more people to the program and it should be easier for the individual to adjust to a big group once they have had enough experience with a smaller one.

research paper of autism

Some children may have a difficulty in recognizing facial expressions in the people around them. A way to help a child with this is to sit face to face and for you to make different facial expressions and try to get the child to guess what expression it is that you are showing. Some autistic children may like arts and crafts.

This is great because by having them make different things with these materials could help them learn many different things. Get the child to make different shapes and to learn the different names to the shapes.

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research paper of autism

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Research Paper Of Autism

Many families have dealt and are dealing with the struggles that accompany this disease. Autism can affect a person in various ways, and there are many different forms that can range from mild to severe.

research paper of autism

Autism stays with a person throughout their whole life. It is research paper of autism that two to six of every thousand people on the Earth suffer from autism. Chez, 20 There is no known cause or treatment for this disease as of today, but researchers are learning more every day. These symptoms can be displayed as early as birth, or as late as adulthood, but most cases appear in young children.

research paper of autism

Research paper of autism