nurse practitioner essay

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nurse practitioner essay

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Running Head: In an attempt to intervene, an elementary school-based prevention program designed to educate children and their caregivers in healthy and active lifestyles was developed by a community-based coalition. The coalition was anchored by faculty, staff and students of a medical school. The design, launch, and operations of this program as a model which may be useful to other communities are described.

What do optimal car performance and optimal adult weight have in common? They both require early intervention in the form of preventive care. For cars, preventive care begins at 5, miles at the service station. And for adult weight, preventive care begins in childhood in the home, the school and the community. In line with this concept, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine UKCOM created a model after we do ur essay program promoting healthy and active lifestyles by organizing a coalition of academic and community partners.

This program was created to assist children who are at the highest risk of becoming obese better understand healthy eating habits and active lifestyle choices while having fun. Such a program could be replicated in the many high- risk communities throughout the nation. Preventing childhood obesity is challenging, yet, possible!

The United States is experiencing an obesity epidemic, but what is most alarming is the number of children who are obese. The prevalence of childhood obesity has nearly tripled over the past two decades. This increases to 80 percent if one or more parent is overweight or obese. BMI is one way to screen children and adolescents for both overweight and obesity; however it is not a direct measure of body fatness.

Factors contributing to childhood obesity are generally caused by a lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of the two. For example, the onset of hypertension, fatty liver, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, obstructive sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes are now increasingly common in children. Studies have shown that low-income and minority children are disproportionately affected by obesity- primarily African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans.

Contributing to this disparity is the fact that low-income, minority children often live in communities with poor access to safe areas which limits their ability to play outside. Compounding this circumstance is the reality that families who live in low-income neighborhoods also have limited access to grocery stores that carry fresh produce.

Preliminary outcomes have been reported elsewhere, suggesting a decrease in the average rate of weight gain by the affected population. Program Description: Site Selection. UKCOM selected an elementary school site setting for several reasons.

First, an after-school program would be easy for students to attend since they were already at the site. In addition, the school setting had in-kind resources, such as gyms, playgrounds and fitness equipment that were age appropriate.

Furthermore, there was the potential to enhance the existing school health and nutrition education curriculum. Lastly, there was the potential to influence attitudes and behaviors of teachers by encouraging use of non-food rewards. Building a Coalition: It allowed for sharing costs, increasing the resources available, and diversifying the available assets.

The principal allowed college personnel to speak with the teachers during a faculty meeting which facilitated high teacher attendance. During this meeting, administrators and teachers were able to provide suggestions and insight into potential barriers to the program.

nurse practitioner essay

For instance, teachers recommended that the name of the after school program should not be related to obesity because of the social ramifications. The teachers also indicated that students were often rewarded with candy for good behavior and achievement.

After discussion, the teachers recommended that popular non-food rewards, such as stickers, bouncy balls, pencils and erasers be purchased as reward replacements.

Additionally, during the initial meeting with school personnel, it was decided that 40 students would be the maximum number this program could serve because of facility size and appropriate supervision ratios.

Two supervisors were provided by the school. Both professionals agreed to organize activities for the children. All five UK Colleges recruited student volunteers who provided motivation and supervision of the student participants. All volunteers underwent a background check as a precaution. Many of the college students were also utilized mla citation for harrison bergeron mentors to the children in the program.

Since research shows children who are obese tend to have low self-esteem as well as depression, UKCOM psychiatry residents were included as partners who offered lessons to student participants on the topics of positive behaviors, good choices, as well as positive self-image. To have an effective and successful program, partnering not only with the school was vital but involving the community was essential.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Several community partners thought to be supportive of the program were identified. Involving a community health center was important in the planning process since for expertise in health and fitness. They agreed to have the children come after school to their facility twice a month for swimming lessons, aerobics and dance lessons such as hip hop, jazzercise and Zumba.

In addition, the YMCA Y agreed to provide the children and their families with discounted memberships and also invited the families to special events, such as family nights. Another community organization that was contacted was a local bank. They agreed to provide scholarship savings bonds to the children who attended the program 80 percent or more of the sessions. These savings bonds were to be used for future college education, and could not be cashed until the child was 18 years of age.

It was decided that the student participants would need a snack after the program. Local grocers and pantries were contacted to solicit their partnerships. Family Unit Involvement: Involving the parents and caregivers of the children was essential for success if children were to sustain a home healthy and active lifestyles learned in school.

The health department also requested their nutrition staff to educate and teach the families and caregivers how to cook healthy meals on a limited budget. There were 6 cooking sessions.

Parents attending at least 5 of the 6 lessons would receive a gift such as a set of pots and pans or a set of baking dishes. In addition, the PTA was actively involved in promoting the program. As an added incentive, siblings of participants were also permitted to join in the after school features of the program.

Being a nurse practitioner comes with a variety of jobs to do because they are qualified to do more procedures than other lower level nurses. The most important job of a nurse practitioner is to tend to the physical and emotional needs of patients. The position of a nurse practitioner requires one to be patient and understanding.

Some patients can be unpredictable and can have mood changes including anger, sadness, and depression. It is Yaidelyn Alonso SLS A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced training in diagnosing and treating illnesses. The difference between an NP and a physician is that they focus on prevention, wellness and education. They deal with patients of all ages, and this includes treating, diagnosing, counseling, and teaching them.

This paper will discuss the degree necessary for the position, experience needed to obtain the position, professional associations, and professional journals. It will also state the work environment, daily activities, salary, demands, and my personal should students pay for university essay of the career.

Lastly, it will include three articles from health journals that are associated with a Family Care Nurse Practitioner. In preventable care and communication with patients, Nurse Planning your visit: Changes in the healthcare system have been slow in comparison to the areas of industry in the twenty first century. Proquest thesis order the passing of the Affordable Care Act ACA inthere is an opportunity to seek a healthier American in advancing preventive healthcare.

Our advances in healthcare have been outstanding but the area of providing affordable and accessible healthcare leaves us behind many others nations. This paper will discuss the plan of a visit with State Representative Steven Moscowitz, highlight the importance of expanding the advanced nurse practitioner role, and provide empirical evidence to support this worthy initiative.

The goals of ACA are to decrease the amount of uninsured Americans and reduce the cost of healthcare. This strengthens the need for a more effective healthcare system where people are able to seek medical guidance and coaching on healthy lifestyles. Legislative Visit In arranging a meeting with a government official, it is As barriers continue to be broken for APNs, they will continue to magnify their role in providing both primary and specialized care to patients.

The purpose of this paper is to explore defining concepts of the advanced practice nursesuch as the roles of scholarship, the APN consensus model and certification requirements, ways of knowing, and the empiricism paradigm.

nurse practitioner essay

It will discuss personal interest in the role of psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner and describe how these defining concepts contribute to refining patient care and the nursing profession. Role of Scholarship The four components to scholarship that APNs have a significant role in are knowing, teaching, practice and service.

Scholarship of knowing is utilized by applying previous or current research to their current practice, as well as aiding in the formation of new knowledge. Teaching should incorporate the significance of evidence-based practice EBP in the innovation of nursing as a professional practice, as well as in the advancement of patient care Shortage of Nurse Practitioners To determine why there is a shortage of nurse practitioners it is best to understand that there is a shortage of healthcare workers overall.

The shortage of nurse practitioners began in the s as a result of a shortage of primary care physicians. This was due to many physicians pursuing medical specialties that were more profitable. This increased the demand for primary care services. Physicians were unable to keep up with this increase in demand for their services so nurses were trained to fill the gap. The shortage is affected by shortcomings at all levels of the process in becoming a nurse practitioner.

In order to become a nurse practitioner one must first be a registered nurse. The minimum requirement to be a nurse is to complete a hospital based emma class system program.

These programs are scarce with most nurses completing an associate or baccalaureate degree program.

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nurse practitioner essay

This was especially true in areas that were poor or underserved Delgado, It is also possible to look back in history and see a direct relationship with times of increased demand for care, i. Today, like many other periods throughout our history, there is an increase need for care related to similar events of the past i.

Every since I was a little girl I dream of becoming a Nurse.

nurse practitioner essay

The idea nurse practitioner essay helping people and nurse practitioner essay in a medical environment has always been intriguing me. On my journey of becoming a nurseI learn you need to acquire a skill set that involves active listening, reading comprehension, and critical thinking.