term papers on police brutality

Police officers are injuring and even Police Brutality When one thinks of a police officer, master thesis in knowledge management first thing that usually comes to mind is a proud person in uniform protecting and serving the people. So what if a fellow policeman breaks the law and harms innocent civilians? Does the title of Police Officer come with the ability to get away with crime with little to no punishment? Today, many reports of police brutality have been exposed and yet a large number of them do not get punished for it.

Although many cases of police brutality are because of corrupt law enforcers who think they are above the law, it is the corrupt government officials that decides to not pass judgment onto the real criminals even when they know who is at fault. Many people often associate police brutality with a corrupt justice system and government because of its history. Throughout history, many dictators including Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin abused their military power in order to get what they wanted.

What makes police brutality such a big deal in America is the fact that unlike other countries, police brutality cannot be justified with uniting the country. It directly violates a set of rights written by the founding fathers that our whole government is based off of known as the Fall Kiara Calhoun-Shearn Dr.

Police brutality has become very relevant. In our country African Americans have been targeted for merely no reason except for the fact that they are black. Martin Luther King Jr. What this means is that if we do not put a stop to actions that should not be acted out in the first place then there will be no solutions to the problem.

We as a nation can come together as one and fight for a new law so that innocent people can feel protected. Police brutality will still take place if our nation does not speak up. Organizing strategies such a monitoring the police, educating the public, and building coalitions would be such an advantage towards stopping police brutality.

The number of African Americans killed by the police is absolutely outrageous. African Americans are always the first to be looked down upon as a suspect. Michael Brown, a young black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer while his hands were up; he was surrendering. Many believe this was a racial act. Police officers are here to protect and serve the people of this great country, however in some cases police officers abuse their power and their force and it becomes police brutality.

Throughout its history the United States has seen many cases of police brutality against minorities.

term papers on police brutality

It is a very controversial topic among communities especially those in which minorities reside. Police Brutality is one of the most serious human rights violations in the United States. Police have to face many dangerous situations every day, they have to expect the worst and hope for the best while making split-second decisions.

We have to rely on those police officers own discretion when it comes to deciding the amount of force or sometimes lethal force when handling suspects. Police Brutality though it may not be a large predicament it should be viewed by both the police and the community. Police brutality is a hypocrisy, we are taught at a young age to believe that police officers are here to protect us from harm and keep us safe, not to harm us and cause us to fear them more than we do the criminals they are supposed to protect us from.

We payroll system thesis introduction to make sure police officers are With the training the officers receive, they are expected to be prepared to handle situations with precaution, and to be aware of the safety of themselves, the public, and the offender when attempting potential arrests. Excessive force The use of excessive force has been a very controversial discussion for some time now. When is the authorization of excessive force authorized?

Is it a necessary form of policing when dealing with offenders? Police officers are authorized to use force in the commission of an arrest, serving a warrant, or detaining a prisoner. Pulled from his care by officers, and brutally beaten by several officers.

Understanding the However, it is particularly interesting that such violence and viciousness by police officials has managed to go unnoticed within the justice system and overlooked for so long.

Police officers have too much control and power and they sometimes abuse their authority.

Research Paper on Police Brutality

The excessive use of force used by police officers continues because of barriers of immunity which make it possible for officers who commit such brutal acts to escape punishment and often to repeat their offenses. Police brutality is a serious problem and if this barbarity by police officers is allowed to continue, the citizens in these communities will not only need protection from criminals, but the police that are recruited to protect and serve our communities.

In recent months, citizens in urban communities worry about protecting themselves from criminals and now have to keep an attentive focus on those who are there to protect and serve.

Police brutality not only affects the officer involved, the victim of the beating and those who witness the incident, but the minority community as a whole. It changes the way communities and the individual citizens view police officers and the authority they uphold. Often these citizens are unsure of the rights they have against such cruel acts of violence which forces them to endure excessive force macroeconomics homework help the thin line that police This experience is difficult to master for beginners.

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Essay on Police Brutality

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term papers on police brutality

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According to the Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics Survey ofthere are over bibliograpy, citizen complaints about police brutality. After the careful investigation of these, the results showed around incidents of police brutality among agencies.

term papers on police brutality

There are many examples of fatal outcome of police brutality where people are badly harmed or even dead, and this is left to fade away. Fortunately, the force of the media, social media and the latest laws allow for a more strict approach towards such cases, which leads to grand improvement in terms of police brutality. For example, McLauglin has reported that after the investigation of the United States Justice Department in Albuquerque, it was concluded that 20 of the police shootings that were fatal were not constitutional.

term papers on police brutality

Social Issues. There are many people eager to stand up and criticize the many fine men and women that work in law enforcement.

term papers on police brutality

Term papers on police brutality it is true that some unruly people do end up in a police uniform, that too can be said about people in every profession. Police officers are in a very dangerous position every day of their lives, on duty and off duty.

term papers on police brutality

It is necessary to be fair and open-minded when a police officer is being accused of excessive force or when their use of lethal force is being questioned.


Term papers on police brutality