phd thesis unsw

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phd thesis unsw

Editing You are expected to produce a well-structured and clearly argued thesis through your own efforts. Your supervisor will provide you with editorial advice relating to the structure, substance, and tone of your thesis, along with your use of illustrations and tables. They may also assist with copy-editing and proofreading. If you would like to engage the services of a professional editor, you should discuss this with your supervisor.

A list of professional editors is available from The Learning Centre. Referencing styles vary significantly from discipline to discipline.

UNSW gives research candidates free access to EndNote bibliographic software that allows the storage, organisation and management of references in a database. Preparing for Submission.

How to Write a PhD Thesis

This is to ensure enough time for examiners to be contacted, determine their availability based on the projected submission date, and if they agree, nominated to examine your thesis.

Apply for early submission It is expected that candidates will submit their thesis in no less than three years full time for a PhD or one and a half years full time for Masters program. However, in exceptional circumstances a candidate who demonstrates outstanding research skills may request submission of the thesis earlier than these times.

Your request should include: Nomination of examiners Once your Notification of Intention to Submit has been lodged, your Supervisor and your Postgraduate Coordinator will be asked to nominate two external examiners. It is University policy that the names of appointed examiners are not released to any candidate until the examination process is complete.

However, if you would like to specify any potential examiner who you would prefer not to examine your thesis, you are welcome to discuss your concerns with either your supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator prior to the nomination process. It is important to understand that contact with the examiners during the examination process is prohibited.

Your abstract should be no more than words. If your supervisor how to write my paper not support submission of your thesis and you decide to submit against their recommendation, your supervisor must notify both you and your Postgraduate Coordinator in writing of their concerns.

The Faculty Higher Degree Committee HDC will consider submissions from both yourself and your supervisor to determine whether or not your thesis will be submitted for examination.

If the HDC believes that your thesis is not ready for submission, they will determine what remedial action needs to be taken.

phd thesis unsw

Inclusion of Publications. UNSW is supportive of candidates publishing their research results during their candidature. Candidates must use the Inclusion of Publications Statement to indicate whether publications have resulted from the research. If candidates include essay about environment publications in the thesis in lieu of a Chapter, they must provide full details of these publications and state their contribution to the work through the use of the Inclusion of Publications Statement.

It is advised that you include in your thesis a list of any peer-reviewed publications that have resulted from your research for which you are either sole author or co-author. Generally, this list appears at the front of the thesis on a single page, or in a preface stating that sections of the work have been included in the following publications.

You should talk to your supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator about the relevant format for your discipline.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Management

See the Thesis Submission page for more details. We acknowledge the Bedegal people who are the traditional custodians of the lands on which UNSW Kensington campus is located.

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phd thesis unsw

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phd thesis unsw

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