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why i want to go to college essay

The higher the percent of students accepted that go there, the less they have to accept from the wait list, the lower their acceptance rate, and the better they look. Schools are not just looking to accept the best, the brightest, and most interesting, but also to find the students who are the best matches.

why i want to go to college essay

They want students who will thrive on campus, not transfer out which will hurt their rankings! The moral is, these essays are important, so spend some time on them. Here are some tips to help:. If you recycle, the essay will be broad and unspecific, and could end up hurting you.

Do talk about yourself. They admissions committee already knows their school is great, what they want to know is why the school is great for you, and you for them. If you visited the school, write about your personal reflections on the campus, students, and classes.

Anecdotes and details are always the best approach.

why i want to go to college essay

Show the admissions committee why you are the perfect match! Be positive, and focus exclusively on why this school is so perfect for you. Leave the comparisons out. Do talk about clubs, sports, curriculum, departments, professors, student body diversity, size, campus community, internships, study abroad, research opportunities, campus culture, class size, and location. Walk around campus; go into classes and dorms; talk to professors, admissions people, and students; and check out the library, cafeterias, and student union.

Take down names of people you talk to, note quotations from people, take down the names of buildings, and the names of classes you attend.

Essay about Why I've Decided to Go to College

All this will come in handy. Here you need to check out the various courses and note down the nitty-gritty things like numbers of credits needed and prerequisites. Look at departments and their faculty. Look at the activity calendars to get a feel for how busy the campus is and what it offers students.

The best thing is to group your notes into three or four things that you like about the campus that you can describe and to which you can phd english creative dissertation why you like that from your list of what you want from a college experience.

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why i want to go to college essay

This was not the path I wanted my career to go down, so I opted to decline the plagiarism detection system. Once I had done this I was faced with a decision, what should I do now?

I decided I would try to get hired at a local police department.

why i want to go to college essay

Topeka and Manhattan were testing on the same days and as fate would have it I decided to give Manhattan a try. Having no navigational skills…. Why you should go to college Attention Student debt is at an all-time high. Many college students and recent graduates may find themselves asking:


Why i want to go to college essay